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07/13/2021 Update

Dajana and Dacja saved! Dajana and Dacja are safe now, they have recently come to our farm. We thank You with all our hearts that you have not forgotten about them, that You have given them a chance for a dignified and peaceful life. Both mares are still uncertain and scared, but we are convinced that we will win their trust with gentleness and good care. Dajana and Dacja are waiting for a veterinary examination and a blacksmith’s visit – we will fight the lameness that has affected them. Once again, on their behalf, thank You very much!

From now on, all support from Dajana and Dacia will be dedicated to their maintenance and treatment. Thank you!

Dajana and Dacja story

Dajana and Dacja. Mother and daughter. All life together. Today, squeezed into a trader’s cell, they are waiting for transport to the slaughterhouse. Frightened, cuddled up to each other, they are looking at humans with fear. They know well what awaits them. They want to live, but are unable to change their fate on their own.

Mother and daughter. All life together. For years they have worked beyond their strength, doing whatever a horse can do. When the season was over and they became redundant, they went from one hand to the new one. Now they were supposed to go to work in a recreation center near Warsaw, but the trader says that the client changed his mind. Such work is not an attraction for horses, but it saves their lives. Even for a moment…but no work will save their lives. They both limp. What a shame this is for horse riding adepts, but nobody will heal them. They are also not suitable for bringing new foals to this world. The mother refuses to be covered and the daughter had a miscarriage a few days ago. There will be no income. Only slaughter will bring profit.