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Damazy is looking for Virtual Guardians!

Damazy is looking for someone who would like to support his maintenance. The monthly cost of living is PLN 600 (155 USD) which will cover appropriate feed, blacksmith, veterinarian visits) . Damazy will be grateful for any support! Do you want to support Damazy? Fill in the FORM!

07/07/2021 Update

Dear Friends

We are unable to express our gratitude, and we are also unable to contain tears of emotion. Thank You, thank You with all our hearts! Damazy is ours and no one will ever take it from us again! We will not disappoint his trust, the spectrum of work beyond his strength will never again disturb him. We repaid Damazy to the last dime – only thanks to You. We thank You with all our hearts for allowing Damazy to stay with us and be safe forever.

Damazy ‘s Story

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
we are asking you again for your help. A request for rescue for a horse that has been a member of the Foundation’s family for several months, although it is currently not an animal owned by the Foundation. Please, read the story of Damazy and please consider your support.

In June last year, the owner of an equestrian center on the verge of bankruptcy contacted us. Covid took his clients away, depriving his animals of work. Most of the horses were sold to private individuals, only the worn-out and damaged Damazy did not find a buyer. The horse looked very bad and the trader was the only one interested. The owner did not want to slaughter Damazy and asked us to buy him. We were in a very difficult situation ourselves, we had no funds, but we did not want to refuse and we agreed that we would pay back Damazy within a year.

This year will be over soon. Damazy is in Szczedrzykowice. He is well-kept, dewormed, cured, and fed. He has no mycosis and his hooves don’t hurt anymore. After many treatments, his spine stopped hurting, and, most importantly, he trusted us. Every morning he looks to see if his breakfast is coming to him. He narrows his eyes with satisfaction as we stroke his neck, he hugs, looking for carrots in his pockets. He is calm and happy in the herd, which is now his family. He’s here at home.

But only death is free, though not always. A few days ago, the owner of Damazy knocked on our gates. The glint in his eye at the sight of the horse told us more than any words. I do not want money. I want to take Damazy. The lockdown ends, the center starts moving, the horse is in great shape, and Damazy is such a good-natured who will do whatever he is told. He never rebelled, or kicked, even when he was fed up with a saddle on his back. This is why it was so depleted when it came to us.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we kindly ask for your help. Damazy found friends at our center. He found care. He found a home. Here is his place. Please help us to fulfill our contract. Thanks to you, we were able to feed and heal him during this year. Thanks to you, she is in great shape. Today we need funds to pay it off. That he would be a member of our family forever.