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Death of the dolphins in Mauritius

According to the BBC, at least 17 dolphins have been found dead on the coast of Mauritius. Ecologists say their deaths are a consequence of an oil spill from a Japanese ship. Further testing is necessary to establish the exact cause of animal death.

Dead dolphins will be subjected to an autopsy to determine the cause of death. These are the first recorded deaths of these marine mammals since the disaster – dead fish and crustaceans have been found so far. Oceanographer Vassen Kauppaymuthoo told local media that the dolphins smelled like diesel.

Let’s remind you, that Mauritius is struggling with a huge environmental disaster caused by a fuel leak from a Japanese ship. The substance is a direct threat to many species of marine fauna and flora in this part of the Indian Ocean. The ship hit a coral reef in late July. The Greenpeace environmental group said the oil spill is possibly one of the worst environmental crises Mauritius has ever faced.