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Animals are living creatures, that can feel pain, they have heart and soul. An animal is not an object and should have rights and be respected the same way as a human. The main animal right is the fact that they should be able to live and the have the right to be free of pain. It applies to all the species all over the world including farm animals.

The purpose of breeding farm animals is the production of meat, eggs, milk, fat, skin or wool. Very often the proper care and good treatment are neglected. Livestock animals often live in pain and suffer. That is why we fight for humanitarian treatment for animals in the whole world!  With the indulgence, with respect for their rights and dignity.

We have to make sure we have to put their well-being above our profits and benefits. Please support us in this unequal fight. You can help us promote our campaign in the media, help us organize events, print information materials. Please support us, so we will be able to intervene, and help farm animals. Because you can define a good human being by the way he or she treats animals.

Help us to persuade the EU Commision to guarantee dignified conditions for all farm animals.
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    • DaVid
      Posted 31 October 2021 14:57 0Likes

      Stop th evil trade

    • Sadie Al
      Posted 1 November 2021 12:44 0Likes

      Please stop the atrocities towards all species

    • Lelus Sylviei
      Posted 3 November 2021 19:06 0Likes


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