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Do dolphins have personalities similar to humans?

Scientists have found that dolphins are much more like humans than it was previously thought. According to the research published in the Journal of Comparative Psychology, dolphins have many personality traits that make them similar to humans. Researchers observed 134 bottlenose dolphins from eight centers around the world. These marine mammals have shown to resemble humans, especially in their sociability and curiosity.

Surprisingly, the similarities are visible even though dolphins developed in a completely different environment than primates. The last common ancestor of both these groups lived on Earth about 95 million years ago. Experts have shown that dolphins’ personalities are very similar to those of humans, however, they are not identical. Researchers call for a good interpretation of the research results – dolphins do not have the same personality traits as humans, just some of them are similar.

Dr. Blake Morton, a professor at the University of Hull and lead author of the study, said the study was the first to analyze a dolphin’s personality. As he explained, “Dolphins, like many primates, have brains that are much larger than what their bodies need for basic body functions. This excess brain matter essentially strengthens their ability to be intelligent. “

The “Personality structure in bottlenose dolphins” study began in 2012. Countries, where the research centers were located, were Mexico, France, the United States, the Bahamas, and the Cayman Islands.