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Does hot asphalt pollute the air?

In a study by an international team of scientists published in Science Advances, they are bringing tour attention that air pollutants from asphalt increased twice when it was heated from 40 to 60 degrees Celsius. The results suggest that we can deal with a similar phenomenon in hot weather.

The researchers from Yale University, Carnegie Mellon University, and the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry investigated the effects of high temperatures on commonly used asphalt and the associated emissions of secondary organic aerosols. As part of the study, samples of asphalt, commonly used on roads, driveways, and car parks, were collected. Then they were heated while measuring the emissions of harmful particles. The asphalt was heated to a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius and it turned out that the emission level of secondary organic aerosols was twice as high as at 40 degrees.