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Dog’s Day

We celebrate World Dog Day today. Big, small, purebred, mixed dogs – today we celebrate them all. They are often called man’s best friend. Devoted, faithful, and intelligent, they also work in various services and repeatedly help in solving many difficult cases. World Dog Day is a good opportunity to reflect on your approach to animals. It is at this time that many dogs are being abandoned, especially at the beginning of the summer holidays. Maybe this is a good opportunity to adopt a pet? Because we celebrate our best friends day today, we have some interesting facts about dogs for you:

1. Have you ever wondered why your dog ignores your commands during the walk? Researchers have found that dogs disregard their owners’ bad advice. Dogs will skip unnecessary actions if they learn that there is a more effective way to solve the task. Makes you wonder right?

2. The Swedish psychologist Kerston Uvnäs Moberg hypothesized that oxytocin, known as the love hormone, plays an important role in dog-human relationships. This creates a bond between them. He also believes that dogs have a beneficial effect on the health of owners and can extend their lives.

3. Scientists from the Messerli Research Institute in Vienna did an experiment in which dogs were shown pictures of smiling and upset people and fragments of their faces. It turned out that the dogs were able to recognize the mood in the photo, as well as put parts of the face together.

4. Man is not one species capable of feeling jealousy. Dogs also have a similar feeling. California researchers have found that dogs can feel jealous of their owners. Especially when … they see them in the company of other dogs.

5. Tail wagging can mean a lot more. It turns out that dogs can wag clearly more to the left or right. They do this to deliver specific information. Research indicates that wagging right means happiness and contentment. Left, however, fear and nervousness.

6. According to psychologist Stanley Coren from British Columbia University, dogs understand over 150 words that we speak and can count up to five. The scientist said that the dog is doing about as well as a two-year-old child.

Centaurus Foundation wishes all the dogs all the best on that special day 🙂