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The largest asylum for horses in Europe is falling apart- please help us save 500 horses!
500 horses at the edge, will the biggest horse asylum in Europe disappear from the face of the Earth?

Dear Friends, we are afraid. We waited a long time with this information. But we have to announce it before it’s too late.

After 15 years of our activity Centaurus is standing on the edge. We don’t know where we will be tomorrow. Nevertheless, today our further activity is questionable, although we will fight to the end and we are still accepting animals. The drama that is taking place in the world now also reached the animals. Because they are 100% dependent on us, people. Without us, they will simply die. And our stubbornness, sincere intentions – they will be of no use here.


We have been saving animals for 15 years. We have saved lives of over 1100 horses, more than 500 dogs, hundreds of cats and several hundreds of farm and wild animals. We run Europe’s largest asylum for the horses in Szczedrzykowice, where we look after 500 horses and almost 300 other animals on a daily basis. It’s all thanks to you because we are aware that we can’t feed our animals on love alone. we initiated over 3000 social campaigns supporting animals & nature. It would not be possible without your generosity and support. Thanks to the support of over 500,000 people mainly from Poland, but also from other countries all over the world, were able to make a difference for those 15 years. We also extended helping hand to their organizations both financially and also by boarding & feeding the animals from other organizations at no charge. We have also provided medical assistance. This Spring we were planning to buy an asylum with 56 hectares to accommodate the growing number of animals, because our farm is not big enough anymore. We had such plans! We wanted to write to you so that you could help us raise funds because you always helped, you were reliable – and together we did the impossible. The new asylum would have a part of the rehabilitation section, a designated wildlife area, an old animal clinic and many other animal functions.

In the meantime, we must write a completely different appeal.

Now we are pleading with you, please help our animals– so that we won’t disappear from the map of Europe. Because in one second everything has changed.

As you all know, we often ask you to help us to purchase mistreated animals, help with their medical treatment. Together we were able to provide them with food and supervision of the vet. We had a number of projects for companies, we were looking for funds abroad. We wanted to be so responsible and independent. But now – But now we feel helpless. We are failing. We are not even scared anymore, this is insane. We look at our animals, we realize that they are completely unaware of what is happening around them. We keep reading information about other regions, affected by the virus, about mass panic and quarantines. That’s when we realize that the moment when people will stop carrying about the welfare of animals is approaching very fast. As people and different organizations will not have the resources to take care of the animals, we are facing increased amounts of animals coming to our sanctuary. Our organization is on the brink of the existence. We do not know what will happen to hundreds of horses, and maybe it is blasphemy for some people to ask for help for animals when so many people die today as a result of epidemics.

We take care of over 500 horses and hundreds of other animals. We are the biggest establishment like that in Europe. And sometimes it’s a scary part, and you know why? Because we always knew that two months is enough for us to disappear from the face of the earth. For the last 15 years we have faced various hard situations, which took place both Poland and all over the world. But our animals always have been saved . It was always like that. That’s how it works. Now – our animals have no chance.

The situation is dramatic. We still have a supply of oats, but it won’t last long, and we don’t know how long the epidemy will last. If any of our workers at the animal farm will be quarantined, no delivery will be possible. No oats or hay or anything. Animals that get sick will not receive help. Deliveries will stop arriving in a moment, because companies that have financed us for years can’t afford to support us anymore. As a result of the epidemic, they have either gone bankrupt or are reducing their expenses.

We don’t even know, if we will be able to see you on our Open Days in fall. We don’t even know we will be able to survive by that time. Monthly, to pay for medical treatment, tractor fuel, bills, horse feed, dog food, ongoing repairs (when e.g. boxing, fencing) of hotels for animals (horses, dogs, cats), farmworkers we need several hundred thousand Polish Zloty. Yes, several hundred. This is the amount we had to ask for every month from the companies and for years we have managed to raise money with the help of many companies.


But now it has fallen. Companies refuse to support us because they are at the edge of bankruptcy themselves. Retired people write letters or call and, desperate, explain that they are afraid to go to the post office because they are at higher risk. Well, we ask them not to go. We don’t want them to risk their health, because we are often supported by people who are over 80 years old. Our Donors are mostly elderly people, for whom the horse was and is a symbol of freedom, the fight for Poland and the memory of the loyal traditions, or they remember this grey horse standing behind their fence, as when they were children who were playing in the countryside. Mrs. Zdzisława, however, writes to us a letter that we received before the weekend, in which she does not know whether to choose her safety or help animals.

You can say it’s our fault, that we are not prepared for this whole situation. We admit we were not. But nobody in the whole world really was….At the beginning, we had no idea what to think about it, what the future could bring. We were still concentrating on work with animals, on the information campaigns.

We start receiving information, that one delivery of the dog food will not arrive, that there is an unpaid invoice for the treatment of dogs and sterilization of further cats that the company that paid for the supply of large amounts of straw withdrew, that the company that supported the supply of hay withheld donations. We received almost 200 of these kind of emails over the last days. That’s 90% of companies and people who supported the daily life of animals. Without their support – our animals will starve. Unless simply the miracle will happen…

Dear friends, we apologize, we were not able to prevent this dramatic situation, that we should have predicted it and we should have food saved for years in our storage, we don’t know…but we didn’t do it…now it’s too late to change the past. Everything is falling apart for Centaurus and our animals. But we promise we will stop panicking. We have panicked for the whole weekend.

Our phones were ringing around the clock, we were trying to find the solutions for this dramatic situation. Ideas, however, didn’t work. This morning we all met in silence, each standing far away from each other. Because there are no ideas in a world that has gone crazy, out of fear.

Our animals have no chance. For many years we have been taking care of the horses from other organizations, which were not able to afford it. We are taking care of so many horses now, that without your help we will not be able to handle. The food for 500 horses is a cost of 250 000 PLN a month. Who can handle it on its own, and not to mention hundreds of other animals…

We apologize to You, we apologize our animals.

And we know that your head is full of your own reasons to worry. That is why we stand behind you with full understanding of the decision you will make. We want to try to save our animals and we want to remain on the map of the old continent as the largest refuge for horses and other animals. But we are afraid. We are afraid that our strong will is not enough here.

One of our delivery men said that he won’t bring more straw on credit. He also added that it is not time to regret the roses when the forests are burning.

We are going to run out of animal food shortly, and this will be the biggest drama. In a moment we will not be able to pay the groom, some invoices for the treatment of animals (because apart from the collections we have hundreds of animals that visit the vet several times a month) we are no longer able to pay, we have paid for the last time hotels for animals, we bought the last supply of oats. We have never fallen behind in our history. Sorry, again. We failed. We were sure that our animals would save themselves, that the world would favour them.


But in the face of such a tragedy of the whole humanity can our animals stay important to this world. We are begging you, you are our last hope. If you can … We are begging you, help our animals survive, help asylum not disappear from the map of Europe. In a month or two, there may be nothing to save. We need a million for 3 months of survival. Yes, it costs so much. And we were able to obtain so many funds from companies every month for many years as a result of various projects.

Three months of keeping our animals alone is a million. Will asylum animals prove to be worth a million in a world that shakes its foundations? We do not know. But we owe them this. Even if we Fall, at least we will be able to look each other in the eye and say that we tried to save them.