Update 11/03/2021
Thank you for saving Admiral!

Admirał is already with us, and we would like to thank you warmly on his behalf. It is thanks to you that the Admirał no longer has to fear for his life and future. He’s safe, and he will find out soon enough. We believe that he will forget all that is bad as soon as he joins the herd of rescued ponies right after his quarantine ends. Meanwhile, a veterinarian and a blacksmith will take care of him.

Once again – thank you!


October afternoon, slightly drizzling. Bright fog and piercing chill all around. The air smells of imminent winter. And death. The edge of a small, forgotten village near Warsaw is not a paradise, rarely anyone comes here, the world avoids such places. I slowly open the creaking door of the barn. From the entrance I am flooded with darkness and the stench of manure. In the background, I see two coal-black eyes piercing me with dread. A little pony squeezes into the wall and stomps in place, as if trying to crash into the wall and disappear. Shaking, he tucks his rump under him, taught with a whip and screaming that when a man enters – it will hurt. And the pain in his lash-aching body is unbearable anymore.

Here, people have bad associations. Man takes away hope, dignity, all the green grass and all the wind in the mane. A man takes everything that little ponies care about. And not that it takes for a moment. Oh no! It takes forever. And it never returns. A man brings fear, the roar of the gangplank in the yard at night, the last climb on the truck, to the walk along the narrow corridor and the last blow to the head. Everything that fills the eyes and hearts of little ponies with horror.

I don’t know from where Admirał got here. But I know where he will go from here. This is the last time a person can make money on it. And that’s what it does. The trader claims that he worked under the children on some farm, but he got old and was replaced like an object – for a newer model. Because he was lying too often, he had too little strength, because he began to bite when the children tugged at his pony ears. The ponies cannot be like that. Ponies cannot expect anything in return for these years of devotion and faithful service. It’s dedication and loyalty, but just one way.

Stripped of hope and dignity, Admirał presses into a small barn, at the edge of the world, waiting for the inevitable. I take some photos of him. I go out before he shakes to death. Man, it’s unimaginable stress for him. I’m going out, it’s still raining. The fog thickens, turns gray and gloomy. I still glance towards the cowshed, where I had to leave a scared little pony that someone got rid of. Because he got old. Because when pulled, he dared to bite. Because .. there are always a million reasons. I drive off and leave Admirał on this edge of a small, forgotten village.

The trader gave us time until November 2nd. We need PLN 3900 (992 USD) to buy and pay for Admiral’s transport to us. There is no chance without your help.

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