Ania. Zuzia. Zosia. They look you in the eye. As deep as a little cow can look in the eye. I wish you would still remember them after 3 minutes, when you finish reading this text.

A little village. Neighbor next to the neighbor, and the animals are worth nothing. A tragedy unfolds in its very center. Not mine, not yours. It is a tragedy of three little beings. They are small, they are calves. They still “are”. When you open one of the rooms of the farm buildings, you will see their large, wet noses. Follow me here, take a look. They stand huddled, glued to each other, terrified. Every person’s gaze makes them tremble. Afraid of the whip that brings excruciating pain when it whips against their delicate skin. Afraid for their lifes. Because animals feel more than we think.

The little ones lower their heads at every thud of the gates being opened and hug each other tightly. They probably would have liked a mother, but they were taken from her a moment ago. Yes, it does not impress anyone. They’re just calves. In theory, live meat. Where did the idea come from that it is okay to separate the children from their mother. After all, no matter the species, it’s just plain scary and unfair for every living creature.

A small, cramped shed. Its gray and dull here. The media and demonstrations do not reach out here. A shed with poor ventilation because even the wind turns its back on this place. You just want to leave immediately. Only they are inside. Separated from their mothers who were their whole world. Ania, Zuzia and Zosia in a room they can barely move. Loneliness. Hunger. Death is everywhere.

When we got a call about calves intended for slaughter, we did not hesitate for a moment. We do not choose who we help. Although sometimes it is difficult, we are not selective. Man fights for horses. He takes pity on a homeless dog or cat. But he often passes by indifferently to other livestock, as if it didn’t matter that they have a right to live as well. It seems to us that it is only an animal that can be exploited. That you can earn money on it, and finally sell it to a slaughterhouse. What is a living animal for one, for other it is only a milk and veal processed in a factory.

There are places in the world where cows are worshiped, and everything that comes from them is considered magical, healing and sacred. But it’s thousands of kilometers away from us. Here, a cow is a steak. Now, this steak is no longer just a meat when you see its eyes filled with fear, as you stroke the big, warm, moist nose and touch the soft, short hair. And suddenly you know you wouldn’t eat it …

“How does it know it’s going under the knife? Is it so smart? No! It’s as stupid as a shoe, the veal doesn’t have brain. Its a steak! That’s exactly what it is. Why do you look at me like that? ” the trader says with amusement. We don’t ask for anything else. We look at this veal’s terrified eyes. Because the veal feels. It has a brain, contrary to the host’s suspicions.

I remember, a long time ago, there was a report on farm animals intended for slaughter. The material was collected in small towns right in the middle of the meat industry hub. East of Warsaw. It was a long time ago. Will be eight years now. I was just over eighteen at the time. I did not understand much about this practices. But I remember reading “…this is slaughter, the polish way. The cows are walking calmly. The worst thing is with calves, because they are crying. You can see the tears falling. I remember it to this day. And now, while writing this rescue pleed for these three calves, I think if anything has changed? After all, so many years have passed. We have learned so much since then. Unfortunetely, these words still seem to be valid. I have chills all over my body. What’s wrong with this world? We are still trying to change it. We try to educate. But sometimes it seems as if to no avail.
Some people think that there is no point in saving the calves. This dispassion towards the death of the flock still terrifies me. That’s how it was then, that’s how it is today.

The calves need your help and 8,200 PLN (2026 USD) required for their purchase and transport.

We have time until December 8th. Remember this date. We will slowly prepare for winter. Maybe it will snow. Maybe we will be frosty. And them? They will be getting ready for death. They will climb the truck’s gangway at dawn to be taken from where there is no return. And the last real tears will fall down on a chilling uniform floor of the killpen.

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