16th of October Update

Thank you for saving Antoś!

You are awesome! Even though there was so little time, you proved once again that saving life is the most important thing for you, and that pets that need help so desperately can count on you. Antoś is already with us! He is safe and cared for. He is currently in quarantine, during which he will be taken care of by a veterinarian and a blacksmith. Later he will join the herd of other donkeys saved thanks to you. On behalf of Antoś – thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


Antoś has 5 minutes. 5 minutes to convince you that he is worth a chance to live.

Ready, Set, Go.

Look him in the eyes. Imagine touching his wet nostrils. Listen to your heartbeat. It has to be enough. Antoś will not make a speech. He won’t dance either, he’s too clumsy. He won’t sing. However, he can scream, and he will be heard across the whole village. That’s for sure… Antoś is stubborn, he can do nothing that a man would consider profitable.

Antoś just IS. He looks into the lens and asks if you will let him see the sunrise.

In the XXI century, is it enough of the reason for a donkey to live?

Big ears, almost to the ceiling. Terrified gaze, staring at the wet floor. A small, dark box, cut off from the world. It is raining outside, raindrops knock rhythmically on the windowsill. Antoś is swaying from side to side, he doesn’t even know where he is. He spins around, stops, looks, and goes back the other way around. He doesn’t know where he will be in a moment.

Nobody tells him about anything. Who would talk to a donkey? The landlord bought it as a farm ornament. Not so long ago. But he changes the décor now – so he changes the donkey. He bought a dark one now, apparently it fits better with wooden fences. We do not know. We haven’t seen any fences …

Antoś is not facing death because the host has no money. Antoś is just boring. He became like that faster than anyone would have ever expected. Boredom kills. You’ve probably heard it more than once.

There are 44 million donkeys in the world with their ears to heaven. It is estimated that in a few years their population will drop by half and the sky will become empty. Donkeys are killed not only for their meat. Their skin is priceless, used by the medical industry in Chinese medicine. Strong, healthy, but also elderly, sick, small donkeys and pregnant donkeys are killed for the substance present in the skin. Anything with ears up to the sky dies.

With them dies the hope that something is changing.

Will you help us save Antoś? Look him in the eyes. Touch wet snore in your imagination. Listen to your heartbeat.  Listen carefully. It will stop soon if we don’t do something.

Antoś had 5 minutes. 5 minutes to convince you that it is worth making his donkey’s ears reach the sky, and his heart beating until the day when it subsides.

Did he convince you?

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