So yes. Poland is the main producer of slaughter horses. The old and sick, as well as the young and quite healthy ones, are killed. Every year they work for their masters in the field and pull a horse-drawn carriages. The sport ones and those on which the kids learned to ride are killed. Mothers with children are also unscrupulously sent to a slaughterhouse. And man forgets quickly. He tries not to think about what is uncomfortable for his conscience. It is enough for something to disappear from his field of view to be easily forgotten.

When the trader takes Antosia out of the barn, little Antek raises his head and looks sadly at us. He closes his eyes and sighs softly. She probably guesses that his time will come soon as well. Antosia pokes him with her nose as if she wanted him to hide. That he would not draw attention to himself. She looks after her child as best she can. Although she knows that she cannot save him herself.

We come closer to take some photos of her. Antosia stares at the lens, and her loud neighing every now and then tears the silence into pieces. She is not asking for mercy. This is not the time for pity. Today no one has the patience for this anymore. Antosia knows that for horses like her fate still writes similar scenarios, and the world is based on economy. She understands that since man no longer needs her, no one will force her to extend her life. She knows she has become a burdain. There was little she ever could. Today is no different. Maybe even less. She cannot even protect her child from a practice that has already consumed millions of horses. Maybe if someone else bought it? Maybe her life would have been different today. But Antosia could not decide about it. Seconds decided about it. A merchant bought her, she won’t do anything about it.

She gave birth to foals all her life. Hired to serve a man, robbed of her freedom, she had to pay for every handful of food with her children. Most of her life had passed this way. Antosia worked hard. She served people faithfully. She has given birth to many a foal. More than once she cried when her children were picking up. More than once, she would have given her life for them, just to be with her. She has suffered a lot in her life. She had seen a lot of bad things. In gratitude for years of faithfulness, loyalty and toil, she was sold to a trader. As soon as old age came. She is a smart, experienced mare. She knows there is only one direction from here …

When we leave, Antek looks at us with trusting, big eyes, full of hope for better times. He does not yet know what the man has prepared for him.

If only he knew that Poland is the leading country in the horse slaughterhouse buiseness. Nobody remembers the fact that the history of Poland is built on horseback. Business loses our minds.

We leave them in the trading barn, ready to enter the butcher’s gangway. In a moment they are to go to a place where everything is forgotten. Only death lurks in every corner. Nothing matters there anymore. The time of Antosia and Antek is over, because that’s what a man decided. The same one who will forget about their existence in a moment.

Beloved, the days of Antosia and Antek are numbered. Mother and child have already fallen into the cogs of the deadly machine. And no one can stop it. If we do nothing, the roar of hooves hitting the gangplank, despair, terror and a butcher’s knife will be the last they will experience.

We have to collect PLN 15,700 (3831 USD) by February 22 to pay for the buyout and transport of Antosia and Antek.

Without you, it will not be possible to save them. We are begging you for help.


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