13th of September 2021 Update

Dear friends, We are speechless! There was so little time, just a few days to save Bagietka and her little daughter. However, you did not look away, you did not remain idle. Your mobilization was enormous, for which we thank you the most! Bagietka and Biedronka are no longer in danger. You are the greatest!

Their story

Bagietka stands tucked into the corner with little Biedronka clutching behind her, as if she wanted to squeeze into the wall and become invisible. Both sentenced. Their crime – innocence. Death is a popular sentence today. Both terrified. Because it is not a place for mothers with children. It’s not really a place to live at all. Here you come to die. And although they say that animals do not understand, for some reason, horses are always either completely scared or totally inert in such places. Bagietka would probably reach the limits of her indifference, because apparently death hurts less when you are inert. But she has a little Biedronka for which he has to keep up the appearances. Seems that she is as brave as a little pony in a trader’s barn can be.

The merchant is not charming. Hundreds or even thousands of gloomy stories run through his gloomy cowshed. He himself is inert to the bone. The death of animals is a routine for him. He tells us not to look for anything special here. Well, the farmer bred it, the farmer gave it back because he needed money. The farmer has the right to do that. And he, a trader, bought because he buys horses from all over the area. He has the right too.

All such stories have one gloomy ending. In the slaughterhouse. Only a certain percentage of horses have a chance that someone from outside the slaughter business will find them. Because, let’s be honest, no one looks for a horse in such places. When animals similar to Bagietka get here, they usually never leave with a new owner. Instead they merely climb the gangplank under the cover of the night to disappear into the darkness.

A powerful man pulls out a small Bagietka with a rope for a photo. While nibbling on a sausage roll, he shouts at the little pony every now and then to make her move, because she will be the sausage soon if she doesn’t obey. The more Bagietka is pulled, the more she is resisting. Behind Bagietka, her daughter Biedronka is shaking on short, tiny legs. Of course, in Poland nobody makes sausages out of ponies. Bagietka is not afraid of that.

Horses are either slaughtered in Poland and go to France, Belgium and Italy, or they go there alive in crowded trucks. In fact, neither the first nor the second perspective changes anything for Bagietka and her daughter. Sooner or later, they will be slaughtered. Amen.

The only prospect for change is you. Bagietka tucks the nostrils into our hands uncertainly, but after a while she hides in the corner and humbly lowers her head. As if she hoped it would give her time. Because time is something that can save her and her daughter’s life. The trader doesn’t give her much time. Only until September 10. So we have a few days to collect PLN 5,400 (1422 USD) and buy them and transport Bagietka and her daughter to a safely to our farm.

Please help the mum and her baby survive. You have the power to give them life. Every penny counts …

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