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16/06/2021 Update

Berta and Baryłka are safe! It’s hard for us to find words to thank you for saving Berta and Baryłka. It is thanks to you that the wind blowing in our reserve combs the girls’ manes and we can ensure You – it is a wonderful sight. Currently, Berta and Baryłka are in compulsory quarantine, they are also waiting for a blacksmith and a veterinarian to check their health, and soon they will join the herd of the remaining horses. The buyout is only the beginning – from now on, all the girls’ support will be dedicated to their maintenance. Once again, on their behalf – thank you!

Baryłka’s and Berta’s story

Berta has been “producing meat” all her life, says the trader. Since she was two years old, her life has revolved around giving birth, taking care of her foals, and then they were being taken away from her by humans. Year after year, she gave birth to her offspring. She never had a miscarriage, she never abandoned her child, although her world was limited to a dark, tight cell and the chain with which the farmer used to tie her up in the meadow. She took care of her kids as best she could. It was all for nothing because no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t save any of them from dying. When the farmer decided that the time had come, the trader’s car rolled into the yard and Berta’s child was taken by force.

Berta had been kept in captivity for years. This spring the time for her has come. The farmer has decided that the mare was already old, it was time for her to go to the slaughterhouse. As long as this “meat” is still worth the money. The old trader’s car once again rolled into the yard. Bertha entered first, followed by her beloved daughter. Terrified, cuddled up to each other, they went to the fattening house. The trader will make them fat by feeding them rye, old bread, and waste from his family’s food production, and when he is satisfied with the weight, he will take them to the slaughterhouse.

All Bertha’s life has been wasted by a man. Always in captivity, deprived of everything that is of any value to the horse, now it will be her last journey to die. Her daughter Baryłka- her last-child, will go with her. She is her whole world.

They have been together since the beginning of the world. Baryłka’s world. And now, when everything is over, they will be brutally separated. Their world will be filled with terror, despair, and fear. Which of them will die first, we don’t know. We know, however, that they will cry out and seek each other. To the very end…

We only have one chance to save, and the challenge is big because the horses are fat and heavy. For them to survive, we have to collect up to PLN 19,500 by the end of May. If we are even one day late, Barrel and Bertha will be gone. Please help us save them. Together with you, we have great power, they have nothing or anyone willing to help them.