BAŚKA with baby

29/10/2021 Update

Baśka and the foal thank you!

The old mare Baśka and her foal are now safe, thanks to you! There are no words to express our gratitude. It is from you that they received the most beautiful and precious gift: life and a peaceful future.
Baśka and toddler are already with us. Like all rescued animals, they must undergo quarantine, during which they will be examined by a veterinarian, and their hooves will be taken care of by a blacksmith. Later, just rummaging among autumn leaves and making new horse acquaintances.

On behalf of Baśka and her son – thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Alarm! Baśka and her foal need help!

You asked for help a few days ago, for help for a mighty mare with a toddler. We arrived at the farm too late. We were looking for Baśka and we found her standing at the trader’s , from whom we have already bought a few horses. We tracked her thanks to you, thank you very much for your courage and willingness to spend the weekend on it, because you gave her a chance to live!

I don’t know why she ended up there. Nevertheless, she was most likely sold to a trader, because she was lame and suddenly no longer fit for work on the farm.


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