24 September 2021 update

Bella and Sebastian are alright! We have no words to express our gratitude for saving the brave Bella and her son. Both are now safe and taken care of. In our farm, Sebastian can be carefree and curious, and Bella can be calm about her only son – what could be more beautiful? Thank You for the fact that Bella and Sebastian, like many other horses, could count on you. Thank you for giving them a second life!

Bella doesn’t really stand out. History like million others. The farmer bought it a few days ago. With the foal, he took a full set. Why not? He says he has no shortage of money, he buys televisions, household appliances, cars and tractors, and he could buy a pony as well. It was supposed to be a celebration of the beginning of the school year. But it didn’t work out.

The grandchildren did not like the ponies very much. They played with the animals for 5 minutes, then stated that they prefer a computer game, because the pony is dirty and it smells like a pony. Grandfather bought the game immediately and handed the ponies over to a friend trader to take with the nearest transport. Because it is known that grandparents love their grandchildren more than life …

Bella and Sebastian must leave as soon as they entered this elegant courtyard. There is no place for them here. Another wrong gift. “Lady, I will not take care of them and clean up shit when the children do not want them,” the owner said with an irritated voice.

Bella stares at the lens and every now and then her loud neighing tears the silence. She doesn’t ask for mercy. It’s not a pity season. Nobody has time for this today. Bella knows that for horses like her, fate always writes the same scenarios, and the world is based on economics. She understands that since the children do not want her, no one will prolong her life by force. Because instead of a friend, she became an unpleasant duty.

She was only born as a little pony. There was so little she ever could do. And today, she is also unable to protect her little foal from a practice that has already consumed millions of horses. Perhaps if someone else bought her today and her life would be different. But this is decided by the seconds. Her owner bought her as a gift. Bella cannot do anything about it.

Sebastian hides behind Bella for a moment, then cuddles his head in her and watches us closely. Then he begins to come closer and closer and rummages through our pockets. Full of trust and full of will to live, he pierces us with his large, dark eyes. If he only knew why we’re taking pictures of him … but he doesn’t. He is not afraid of the man yet. He trusts him immensely.


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