24.11.2021 Update

Bierka doesn’t have to be afraid of anything anymore. She will never again pass from hand to hand. Her life and her child’s life will never be in danger again. It all passed when the gate to our farm closed behind her. Everything whats bad has been left outside. And we know that soon she will find out about this fact. The rest of the saved animals will tell her about it.

There is still a quarantine ahead of them, during which a veterinarian and a blacksmith will take care of them. As soon as we make sure that everything is fine, Bierka and the toddler will look for a great adoption house! On behalf of Bierka, we thank you with all our hearts!

My story:

Here is the Bierka. She is standing in front of you and staring at the camera lens. She would like to beg humbly, but she doesn’t know if she’s allowed even that much. Because in the world she lived in, animals have no rights. Even to ask for life. It could even be considered insolence on their part….to bother a man and beg for life!

Worn back and those overworked legs that carried her for miles of life. And they brought her all the way here. How stupid, those legs. Those big eyes that stare at us impassively, full of fear, confusion and resignation. After years of work, Bierka knows what are human calculations and indifference . And that they often go hand in hand. The first one is a judge, the second one, an executioner. Amen.

Bierka pierces us with his gaze. Today, only fear resides in those big eyes. The fear that there will be nothing else. Fear of screams, the whistle of a whip, and human gusts. Until today, she lived with hope. She was changing owners. She gave birth to a foal and worked in recreation. She was here, she was there. In one place, they discarted her, from elswhere they exchanged her for another horse. Full of enthusiasm at first, she finally stopped being attached to places and people. Days passed, years passed, everything was constantly changing. She was an object, nothing more. And objects don’t feel anything. She finally adapted. Sometimes it’s better to have a heart like ice.

Here is a piece. She stands in front of you and stares at the lens. She would like to beg humbly, but she doesn’t know if she’s allowed even that much. Her child is hiding behind. Just as scared as her mother is. She has learned not to trust people and the world from her mother. She already knows that the whistle of the whip heralds pain and introduces the order of things. And cuts foal’s skin in a second. And the whip does not look if it hurts, it is indifferent and merciless to little foals with their enormous terrorized eyes.

We stroke Bierka’s warm nostrils for a moment, but she immediately steps back into the darkness. Se doesn’t trust anyone. She wants nothing, asks for nothing. She wants to disappear, so that  human eyesight would never catch her again. Because when it does, it will take her away in mid-November and kill her. And it won’t even meet her eyes. Because if it looked, it might hesitate. And there is no room for hesitation here.

Here is a piece. She doesn’t want to be cheeky, begging for life. For herself. For her baby. She twists nervously and then stretches like a string. We fall back so that her heart does not stop.


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