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Update 10/02/2022
Thanks to you, Boguś is safe!

Boguś’s journey ends here – at our farm, where he will be safe. It is with us that he will spend the rest of his life and will be loved as he is. Thank you for giving him a happy retirement. Boguś has already come under the best care of our veterinarian who will take care of his lameness and we hope that soon we will be able to share with you wonderful news about the healed injury and Boguś, who will be carelessly visiting the paddocks of our farm.

Once again, with all our hearts, thank you!

His Story:
If the gray-haired Boguś had been different, maybe you wouldn’t have met him here. He probably wouldn’t be looking at you today from this photo with his huge coal-black eyes. Perhaps he would not be standing at the trader’s today and humbly begging for his life. Because this humble plea is the only thing that is left for him after years of work and ill-treatment. For him there are no other options.

You will think that old age takes its toll. No, Boguś is not very old somehow. These recreational horses often do not live to see old age because they run out earlier. And suddenly they disappear like camphor. Everyone has a story. One was bought by private people, another went to green pastures to the horizon. He retired. Where they come from, those cars full of reactionary horses, which, after all, fill private hearts and private pastures.

The truth is that few recreational horses have a chance to wait for their last days with dignity and peace. These last days knock much earlier, when they become sick, break down or a disease lurks somewhere. Treating a horse is expensive. The option is to earn on it one last time and send it where it will never cost anyone else.

Boguś was in several stables, he passed through several hands, passed country borders, then town borders. He served here and there. Everywhere with dedication and without opposition. It was a good horse. But good horses don’t live long. He has not earned a retirement pension anywhere. And when he became lame, no one even waited for a diagnosis. An immediate call to the trader resolved the case on the trunk. And Boguś lost everything he had in an instant. Though he had so little.

Today he stands at the merchant’s, his head is adorned with a thick leather halter, like a sentence from which there is no turning back. As if to remind us that it is worthless. So why these photos?

The trader wonders why we need such “shoddy goods”. But money matters. When we give an advance, he doesn’t ask for anything anymore.