Update 09/27/2021
Thank you for saving Bogusia!

Bogusia is already with us – still scared and insecure, but safe. We will do everything in our power to make her feel true peace, to make her look clear to the future, to let the wind blast her mane with joy. It would not be possible without you – thank you!

From now on, all support from Bogusia will be dedicated to her maintenance and, if necessary, treatment. Once again, on her behalf, thank you!

She has an orphan disease and she swings right and left. Like the pendulum of a clock that counts down the time to her death. Sweaty, nervous, she screams at the top of her lungs. She came here a while ago. She doesn’t understand what she did to be taken away from her home. She doesn’t understand why she was disposed of and forcibly dragged onto the traders truck. After all, she had always been devoted to her master, in return for a bowl of oats and some hay, she was a good horse. She gave birth, she worked when they ordered. As best she could.

The merchant cuts the air with his whip because he is irritated by the rocking of Bogusia. The terrified mare freezes, and only her the muscles tremble, covered with sweaty skin. The man pecks with satisfaction that she obeyed. That it was fat and heavy, ready to be killed. It’s hard to negotiate but it’s even harder to turn around and walk away. Here is Bogusia. Big and heavy.

11,600 zlotys (2984 USD) are needed for her to live. This is the cost of living and transportation to our center. We only have time until September 24th to pay her off.

Please help save the terrified Bogusia.

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