Update 09/27/2021
Budyń is now safe!

Budyń is already with us. We know that we still have a long way to go to show him that a man can be his friend. It will take some time for Budyń to dare to breathe deeply and understand that there is nothing to be afraid of, but we know it will come – all because you gave him a chance. On his behalf, we thank you for your help!

His story

Budyń may not look like, but it was supposed to be a million dollar horse. Well, it would be. Because why not. If not for lameness, lumps and quite nervous character. If you look at it like that, all our saved horses are worth millions …

Sometimes little girls dream of dolls, sometimes of their own horse. Julcia’s parents had a gesture and money. So they went and bought a well-bred horse, just before the holidays.

At least they thought the breeding was good, because they are not horse breeds specialists. But because Budyń was expensive, they were sure that they would buy their daughter a happiness. This is how Budyń came to Julcia and became the love of her life….. for about 2 months …

During the holidays, Budyń was visited by crowds of Julcia’s friends. Julcia bought him everything a million dollar horse should have. The chest with ornaments and bows was bursting at the seams. The pudding rarely went outside, it was more fun taking ponies and pictures of him. The nameplate on the box had million hearts drawn around it. From the nameplate we also know the name of Julcia and the history of Budyń.

But the holidays are over. Love has passed. At the end of August, Julcia announced to her parents that she wanted the latest laptop model for her 17th birthday. And since the laptop is expensive – why not sell Budyń?.

At this moment the trouble began. Because when the merchants came, it turned out that Julcia and her parents would not get their money back – Budyń was lame, neurotic and had lumps all over his body. Wasted life, and no guilty parties.

Julcia’s parents did not think much. Stable workers immediately “recommended” a trader who would do what he needed to do with Budyń. Quickly and discreetly. Everyone is selling worn out, broken horses. Budyń also found its way there, quickly and discreetly. The trader felt sorry for the horse. Which rarely happens. He told us his story. He was fast. But no, he wasn’t discreet.

Time. It’s something Budyń doesn’t have. We only have a few days to buy him. The merchant is afraid that Budyń will fall. He don’t want to be at loss. You know. He is doing business, not waiting around. Time is not good.

The pudding spins and squirts. He runs around. Can’t stand still. It’s hard for us to take pictures of him outside. So we try in the stable. The pudding breaks free from the rope, for a moment, in this panic, even stops limping and starts to run away.

We stand. We are watching. The drama in Budyń’s eyes is mixed with some madness. He runs like crazy around the barn, trying to jump over the walls. Eventually, the trader grabs him briefly and firmly. He has practice. Budyń freezes and shakes all over. He stretches his neck, breaks his eyes and stares at us scared. He doesn’t trust anyone anymore. And certainly not a human ..

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