When she came to us, we breathed a sigh of relief. We promised her that she would always be safe, dear, that she would not suffer. We really believed that we would be able to tell you in some time that Burza is feeling good, that she is adjusting to the farm, that she has made friends. We loved it at first sight. This wise gaze has penetrated deep into our hearts.

Although we would love to be able to give her youth and health back, unfortunately we do not have such powers. And while we feel a painful injustice, there was nothing we could do. Burza has gone beyond the Rainbow Bridge.

And although with a lump in the throat, we thank you. Thank you for letting her spend her last moments among people who fell in love with her. That she left without fear, surrounded by those who really cared about her.

Updated 11/17/2021
Thank you for saving Burza!

And although, unfortunately, this joy has its bitter aftertaste in the form of Piorun’s departure, we know that we have fulfilled our promise to take care of his friend. Stareńka, the blind Burza is already with us, she is safe, she is not in any danger. With Piorun in mind, we will do everything in our power to make her experience a little more happiness in life. So that she could live without pain, suffering and fear.

Thank you on behalf of Burza. And on behalf of Piorun, too. Thank you for being with them and for being still with The Tempest. Thank you!

Her Story


Her name is Burza. Old, worn out. And blind. When we enter, she stands helpless, cuddled up to Piorun, which protects her from all the suffering of this world. At least that’s how old Piorun thinks ..

She had to go all the way here to find someone to protect her. She had to wait a lifetime for someone to care about her existence. Unfortunately. A few years too late.

Her white eyes sweep everything around, she gets nervous at every sound. She nods her head and stands as tight as a string. She doesn’t know where the blow will come from or where the whip will strike. She shakes when we put our hand towards her. She is most afraid of man in the world. First he used her, then he abandoned her. And now he doesn’t count the lashes.

And she would do anything. She always did. Nothing has changed. But the trader says that even when she left the gangplank, she was in such a hurry that she fell. He says that he did not finish her on the spot, because it is a waste of money, because horses such as Burza go for fox food and still cost a lot. He picked her up with whips and kicks, and now he proudly recounts the details, and tears come to our eyes as we imagine every lash that rested on her stomach and tired legs.

Burza is a recreational horse. Very recreational. Polite, humble and devoted. They are the best. Can be exploited up to the last second. She worked all her life transporting children. They patted, sometimes gave a candy, but when she suddenly disappeared, no one asked where she went. After she got blind and the children screamed loud at the sight of her eyes, and she began to run blindly around the paddock in panic, they put her in another part of the barn. Let her not scare tourists. And they ordered foals to be born. It was the end of green grass, the end of the wind in the mane, and the end of candy every now and then. Burza’s life had ended by then, though she had always lived for others anyway. Blindness, her last nail in the coffin, had tied her with a rope over several meters of a dark stall.

So she stood and served humbly on as she could. Because “humility” is her middle name, because she couldn’t really do anything else. Besides, even if the blind Burza wanted to rebel, what would she do? She could only stand and dream about what had never been and would never be hers. She was born badly … not with people she should, not in the barn, not at this time.


And yes. I’m not writing to you about Piorun, her protector. No, not inadvertently. I just don’t know what to write to you. It is not right to swear, there is censorship. I will not cry, nor make you cry. It will not change anything. We will not take anyone to court. There are no guilty parties. You can exploit horses and it is in accordance with the law.

We put money on both horses that autumn day. We wanted to take both of them home. And maybe that was what brave old Piorun was waiting for. For a guarantee that we’ll take care of Burza. After all, we promised him that we would come back.

He passed away 2 days later. When the autumn leaves flew in through the ajar barn door , he was already lying cold, pressed against the concrete floor, staring somewhere in the distance.

We will not save Piorun anymore. He made up his mind for us. He lived to see a promise that we would return for old Burza, his blind companion of misery. Please help. We don’t want to leave Burza there. After all, the promises made should not be broken. Besides, no one else will come for her there.

Her name is Burza. Old, worn out. And blind. As we entered, she stood vulnerable, cuddled up against the old Piorun who protected her from all the suffering of this world. Now he has entrusted this mission to us. It’s just an old mare. The world will not change much without her. But if we leave her there now, this world won’t be the same anymore. I don’t know about you, but I fear living in a world that leaves old blind Burzas to die in their own darkness.


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