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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

Once again, we are forced to ask for your support. We know that we have saved hundreds of lives together, which unfortunately are not in the favor of fate, and life is not going as it should. Thanks to you, today hundreds of these lives have a home, a loving family, their bowl and warm bedding, a safe home where they can live without worries or worries about tomorrow. Unfortunately, there are still animals in need. Chester is such an animal. Chester has a very complicated situation, he has been diagnosed with neurological disorders that caused him such great damage to his brain that he cannot walk himself. Additionally, he was diagnosed with FIP. It’s a coronavirus that cats can have. Yes, this one also, unfortunately, exists in the animal world. It is infectious peritonitis that requires specialist rehabilitation and long-term treatment.

The development of the disease is influenced by the virus load and the cat’s immune response. It is a rapidly progressive, debilitating, and deadly disease. FIP is a common cause of death in young cats if not treated in time.

His guardian, who wants to save her beloved pet has asked us for help. Chester is her whole life for her, and she cannot do too much for him in such a difficult situation. She was forced to take a loan from a bank for diagnostics, but the treatment exceeds her financial possibilities, and it is impossible to pay for medications and bills for visits to the vet.

We want to help this poor cat, who would never be able to cope with it in his current state alone in the big world. The changes that made him unable to move, walk and take care of himself would cause him to lose his life very quickly.

Chester needs intensive and specialized care and an innovative method of treatment that is likely to restore his health, although it will certainly take many weeks, maybe even months. This is the only way to save him and save him from death, which was already very close.

Dear Friends, we have proved together many times that even from the worst situation there is a way out. Chester is not and will never be an ideal cat, but that does not mean that he does not deserve any help. Help that will save his life.

Unfortunately, the costs of treating his diseases are not low, rehabilitation may take a long time, and he will not be able to cope with such a heavy burden. Once again, we ask you to help us heal another existence, to whom fate has served a lot of pain, and maybe someday there will be someone who will give a home and a safe existence to Chester. Own bed and a bowl full of cat food and safety are not so much, but for Czester these are certainly distant dreams, which do not have to be unattainable at all …

You are his only hope for help. Each amount paid here will help to heal him and save his life. Please help him.