Updated 11/26/2021
Chrupek is already with us!

Dear Chrupek, who will infect all the horses on our farm with his sense of humor. He had already laughed out loud as soon as he came to us, enjoying what a prank he had done to destiny. Chrupek is safe! It will always be. From now on, only happy adventures await him!


I am Chrupek, “crunchy” in english
Call me Chrupek!
Every Chrupek is a cool guy …

Did I make you laugh? I am such a happy happy horse. I’m amusing the whole barn here, so much that it rumbles sometimes. Sometimes not. I don’t do anything else, just make jokes. Not all horses cry with laughter, but at least there is no such a dark silence then. Sometimes they look at me like I’m from another planet. I was born somewhere not far from here. I don’t remember much of that time. Soon after, they took me away from my mother. I never saw her again. I grew up fast. At first I was very scared. My legs were getting tangled all the time, I had no buddies. I was so lonely… they put me here – right here, where I stand today.

I was lucky. They gave me the best place in the barn. This window, what you see opposite, it is only for me! This is my window to the world. Just mine! I saw the first winter through it, when everything was covered with white. And since that window of mine has been broken a bit, I could feel the smell of spring too. It happened that some spring pollen came from the trees around through my window, I was sneezing and snorting like that for a few more hours. I was able to observe the flies on my window, sometimes a bee flew in, but it did not want to settle here for a long time. Through my window I could sometimes see cows going to pastures, sometimes dogs running around the countryside. Such a local dog mafia, you know what I mean. Sometimes they ran up and barked something at me, but I didn’t understand. So I just stood there and watched and waited for them to learn horseback riding.


This is how 3 years have passed for me stuck to one end of my rope. So pretty, red rope, just mine. I had a private rope, hah! I watched 3 winters, 3 springs, got to know all the flies in the area. I was fed, I can’t complain. Quite a lot. They must have liked me very much here if they fed me so that I would grow big and heavy. Because Chrupeks are nice guys …

Sometimes I saw my buddies being taken out and they never came back. I’ve always envied them. Everyone wants to get out of here! Come on! I never understood why they walked so reluctantly, why their master had to urge them on with a whip, whistling throught the air. Why were their eyes so scared and why was there always so much noise in the yard? But my rope didn’t reach there, I couldn’t turn around and see what was going on there. All I could do was switch my legs and get impatient.

I, Chrupek, looked out my window and just kept saying to myself: “Chrupek, be good! And one day they will come for you and you will come out of this barn, into this world that you see outside the window! Hold on, be patient and a good horse, and your day will also come!

And it has come. A man came, patted me with a wooden cane and said “this one is also ready, he goes on Thursday.

Oh how happy I was! I’m going! My time has come!

Yes. You’re going, Chrupek, nice boy. You are going, although you don’t even know where. If you knew, you would not be looking for the view from your window at the destination of this journey. Because you’ll never find it there.

Poland slaughters 30,000 horses a year. They include sports horses, breeding horses, horses detached from a carriage, private horses and horses taken out of tourists. And lots more. A kilogram of horse meat costs PLN 15. It is a huge, bloody business with great suffering.

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