7/06/2021 Update

We did it! Chrupek is safe now. We can’t express enough how grateful we are for the battle You fought in Chrupek’s name. It is because of You this amazing horse is finally safe and sound in our farm, where he is slowly getting used to the new reality, full of idyllic days, treats and kind care. Chrupek still awaits a visit from blacksmith and a vet but soon he will join other horses, where he will definitely make new great friends. Once more, we want to thank You for saving Chrupek.- it wouldn’t be possible without You.

Chrupek’s story

Every year Poland, a country of the Uhlan tradition, sends over 30,000 horses to be slaughtered. It is a business that generates millions of dollars in profits, as well as suffering for millions. Chrupek has no chance of coming into contact with the economy. There is not a single argument to convince the high court to live. Well, there is not even a judgment here… A short thought appears. Namely, that a kilogram of a horse costs PLN 15 in Poland. A fairly large horse is standing in the stable doing nothing.

Without analysis, it’s just an easy income. And no one asks for anything, no one will reproach you. One phone call. Because traders have a deal with slaughterhouses who buy horses on a massive scale and then transport them to slaughter in large numbers. There are no emotions, no remorse here, it’s the entire production line.

Chrupek looks up as if looking for help that is not coming. And although it is not there, he fights bravely with a thick leather halter, with a whistling whip and hopelessness. Chrupek has gone through a lot. He is an ordinary bay horse like thousands. There is no extraordinary story, the crowd will not be carried away by his photo, the ecologists will not reach the shed in which it stands today and there will be no manifestation. Virtually no one knows that Chrupek is waiting to die here. And after it will happen, no one will know either. For a simple reason. Nobody is interested in his faith…

There are thousands of horses on the Internet. Most of them much prettier than Chrupek. And probably with better origins. Chrupek’s skills are rather rural too. And the horses from the advertisements are not lame, like Chrupek. You can see that Chrupek’s chances have always been slim. Apparently, one day the farmer called the trader. He asked how much he would get for his horse. He called back after a few days, and his wife decided that they would buy another horse, and the money they will receive from Chrupek will help with the house renovation. And that’s it. 3 minutes of conversation and it was over. This is how much it takes to decide about life and death. No national drama. That’s the way things are.

Today, Chrupek’s life is in your hands. We have to collect PLN 12 700 by June 4 to save him. This is the third and final date. Without you, ordinary horse Chrupek has no chance …


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