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I remember this vividly. I was driving by the cemetery and caught a little shaking shadow with a corner of my eye. The shadow turned out to be a small, scared and limping pooch. He was wandering around the parking lot by the cemetery, walking from one car to another. „Might be looking for his owner” – crossed my mind. I stopped the car and tried to get close to the dog. It became clear to me that this tiny, losing fur pooch hasn’t had any proper meal for a while now. Not to mention a warm bed in a loving home.
Finally, little Cinnamon approaches me and fearfully pokes my leg with a nose. He looks into my eyes for a moment, as if he is wondering if he could be more insistent. Eventually the dog is recognizing that I’m no danger, pulls slim paw and tries to scrape my shoe.
Sunken eyes stare at me with fear, but also a hope that this time he will get something to fill the empty tummy. At least for a moment… This time he chose well.
I put the dog in my car. None of the people I spoke at the parking knew where this sick, hungry pup came from. Nobody was interested to help him either. Perhaps if he was of the pedigree type, someone would have had mercy. Perhaps…
I took little Cinnamon to a clinic. The first diagnostic was shocking. This skinny, tired dog has broken teeth, and despite much older look, the doctor claims he is not older than 8 years! He has bald spots, sick skin, neurological disorders and walking problems. He struggles even to stand up! Attending physician doesn’t decide to sedate Cinnamon for x-rays, although he suspects that neurological disorders and walking problems are the results of multiple buckshot wounds, and some pellets most likely are still stuck in this tiny, fragile body.
Tiny Cinnamon used to have a house. Probably he even had an owner, who loved him. Today, struggling with every step he takes, alone. We do not know whether the pooch was abandoned by the owner in the cemetery, or if he was just looking for food and came to that place by himself? It’s heartbreaking to think that the owner meant the whole world for Cinnamon, and for owner Cinnamon meant less than nothing. Someone treated him like a waste.
Cinnamon has nobody. He was left alone and by himself had to face all the evil that has happened to him as he poked everyone in the cemetery parking lot, begging for anything to eat. Today, on his behalf, we’re begging you for help. Cinnamon needs funds for further diagnostics and treatment. He needs quality dog food and – most important – a new loving home. We can’t help Cinnamon without you.