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Update 22nd of December 2021
Old Czuszka is already with us!

Without delay, we brought her to our farm, where she was immediately taken care of by professionalist. Czuszka has her dry, warm box, full of aromatic hay, the best veterinary care, and above all – a whole sea of love from all of you! On behalf of Czuszka, we thank you with all our hearts. We hope to come with more good news about the old woman soon!



Czuszka’s story

Czuszka is one of those horses that don’t have much time. And in fact, Czuszka does not exist at all. At least if she stays where she is today.

I won’t tell you her story. Only she knows it. And she will take this story of her life over the Rainbow Bridge.

Anyway, it really doesn’t matter. Probably she spent her whole life with someone, maybe she changed hands. Maybe she was giving birth to foals, maybe she was working in the field as hard as she could. Maybe she was doing everything else a horse needs to do to deserve a life. It will remain a secret until her last breath.

But I know why she is here. Because one day she woke up old. Because that day someone decided that her temples were too gray and her legs too crooked. Because no one foresaw her old age, because this old age always comes too early. And she surprised everyone. And her owner, in all his surprise, when he saw gray temples and crooked legs, quickly called the trader, later counted his trade. Together they dragged the old Czuszka up the gangplank to the top. And she left. Nobody even looked back.

But that is normal. Nobody wants to look after old horses. Because if they looked back, their conscience might be watching with them.



Czuszka left. And today, on December morning, she drove into the trader’s yard, which was flooded with rain. He called us himself. He says he felt sorry for her.

I do not know his intentions. This merchant trades huge amount of horses. I don’t know if anything can move him. But when we got there, we saw a cocktail of misery and despair. Here she stood before us, her head bowed low to the ground. Czuszka, bones and skin, swollen eyes and bent legs. She was barely gasping for breath. The dealer even called a vet. And before you ask….yes – Czuszka is not suitable to be just given away. Trade is a trade. A horse being old doesn’t mean a trader will give it away for free.