Update 09/09/2021
Thank you for saving Dasza and her little daughter!

Dasza and the little girl have already come to our center. They look around with curiosity, although Dasza still protects her little daughter, she is still very careful. We know that they need time to get used to the new place and see that they are safe. Soon they will realise they are safe, and it’s all thanks to You!

Both must undergo mandatory quarantine. In the meantime, a farrier and a veterinarian will take care of them. Thank you wholeheartedly for not turning your back on them. Thank you for giving them life!

Dasza’s story

By his decision, the man deprived Dasza and her several-month-old daughter of the right to life. He decided it was time for them. One call to the livestock trader solves the problem in the blink of an eye. It is so convenient.

He takes, he doesn’t complain, he doesn’t ask why…

The old car pulled up into the yard in a cloud of smoke. After the dust, descended the gangway. After that only a butcher’s rope around the neck and a whip. Whip. Whip…

Where they are, fear and death loom out of every corner. Dasza knows well what awaits her and her baby. Terrified, she covers her little daughter as much as she can. She does not allow anyone to enter the cell, climbs out of fear and pounds her hooves blindly.

Dear, dear Dasza, you won’t chase away death. You can’t..

Dasza and her daughter had a house not so long ago. Now, they are ready to be slaughtered. We made a down payment pleading not to kill them. The trader greedily took the cash and said as we were leaving, that we should collect Dasza by September 7th. And he wouldn’t wait a day longer. If we do not come back within the prescribed period, both of them will go to the slaughterhouse.

Time is very short and the amount is large. We have to collect as much as PLN 11,900 (3073USD). We wholeheartedly ask you for help in saving the terrified Dasha and her child. The only hope is in you.


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