Update 09/25/2021
On behalf of Dobosz – thank you!

We are not able to give him back his lost youth, but now, thanks to you, we can do everything to make the next years as good as possible for him. So that he could just be himself. Thank you – it wouldn’t be possible without you!

Dobosz is already with us – in front of him a quarantine, blacksmith and a veterinarian. Further support from Dobosz will be used for his maintenance and, if necessary, veterinary treatment. Thanks again!

His story

Massive Dobosz nervously bangs his foot against the concrete wall, the bang carries across the trading yard. Big, dark eyes survey the room constantly. Despair and fear are all you can see in them. Because here, where the stench of death is felt on a daily basis, the horror of horses grows with every minute. Jerking or fighting is useless. There is no escape from here. There is a sentence and a whip that brings the rebellious horses to order. And there is a thin butcher’s rope that wraps too tightly around the big head. Nobody will take it off. To the very end.

Dobosz is a breeding stallion. But the years fly, and horses cannot afford to grow old. Old horse is unnecessary, and nobody wants to keep or feed it. A story like many, written by cold calculation.

Today, Dobosz is more than 15 years old and most of his life is behind him. It passed him according to a well-established plan – fulfilling human whishes. This spring Dobosz was put up for sale. A trader bought it. He hoped to earn. Reportedly there were even clients, but they disappeared when they found out how old the horse was. A few even brought their mares for mating, but to pay for Dobosz and take him home? Nobody wanted him like that

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