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You saved Dropsik!
Little Dropsik is now with us! He has come to spend the autumn of his life calmly and carefree. Before Dropsik, there is also a quarantine, during which a veterinarian and a blacksmith will take care of him. After all, to be able to enjoy life and share experiences with other ponies, he needs to be in the best condition possible! And we will try to do just that. It is thanks to you that Dropsik will be able to enjoy life and look forward to the next spring, when the warm sun will warm the Dropsik’s rump. Thank you with all our hearts!

“Destiny? Nonsense. It all depends on our decisions. ”
– Carolyn Jess-Cooke.

There are moments in life that change its course forever. After them, nothing will ever be the same. The decision to end Dropsik’s life was made a few days ago. Nobody asked Dropsik for his opinion. Nobody was looking for another home for him. Everyone agreed that it is just a waste of time. So, old Dropsik walked in, on his lame, short legs up the gangplank, without further due. There was no need to wash him, you didn’t even have to smile and encourage buyers to come to it. It does not matter to the trader, he will take everything that can still make earnings.

Dropsik is an older, diseased pony with laminitis. He was a mascot for the grandchildren of an elderly couple. But that doesn’t mean anything today. No matter how often the children used his back, how often they snuggled into his lush, soft mane. When illness came and his old age sprinkled his mane with white dust, it was time for Dropsik to feed the butcher’s pocket with his life. Better and easier than caring for and treating a sick, old pony, right? And the children quickly forgot about their faithful friend. He was replaced by a new, younger and healthier one. And the years of obedience and love offered by him were of no avail. There will be no more reward for Dropsik… There is no turning back. Neither the children for whom he was a mascot all his life, nor the previous master, nor anyone who has learned to ride it for a while, will not come back for him. In a moment, old Dropsik’s life will end. In years of faithfulness and loyalty, he will go away unfairly, unnecessarily … He will go where the unwanted old ponies go. He will be killed in a slaughterhouse.

Dropsik is already old, and nobody wants to share a roof over his head or his life with the old ponies. Ponies such as Dropsik are sent to slaughter so that no one has to be ashamed of them anymore. Today he is awkwardly limping on his legs crooked by pain and disease. He can barely walk, he can barely get up, but he doesn’t give up.