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Update 24/01/2022
You saved Filip!

Lovely! We are not able to express our gratitude for your amazing commitment and great heart for old Filip. Thank you for giving him a chance for a decent, peaceful retirement, which he will spend on our farm. Filip is already with us and is undergoing the necessary quarantine, during which a blacksmith and a veterinarian will take care of him. We are already looking forward to joining the group of other horse retirees, so that they can look forward to a beautiful, sunny spring together.
Once again, on behalf of Filip, thank you!




His Story
The end of the world for Filip was inevitable. Just as slaughterhouse for unwanted, old and useless horses is inevitable. With each passing year, Filip trotted more slowly, he could do less, and more and more gray hair appeared on his lush mane. The time came when old age had crept into Filip’s life silently and imperceptibly. Yes, that’s a strange thing. It sat down next to him. In the dark. And it will always be with him.



The old age does not step away from him, clings to him tightly, only to pull him down with one jerk. It does not allow him to get up and regain strength. And when it seems that he is ready to get up and go, it stands beside him, and follows him hoof to hoof . And Filip does not have the strength to defend himself against the old age alone, against its touch and a quiet voice in his head that says it’s over. That it would take everything from him and send him over the Rainbow Bridge.

It has done it. The day finally came when Filip’s owners said “enough”. After all, the old horse will have to leave the stable. He will not spoil the yard with his presence. Nobody wants to look at old age. There will be no old horse generating unnecessary costs and losses. It no longer mattered that Filip had worked for them all his life. He had been profitable for many years to no avail. It didn’t matter that he gave his whole heart and poured out all his loyalty on man. Because Filip was a golden horse. When the time came, people quickly forgot everything. Probably easier and more convenient. The problem was resolved quickly. The trader arrived before dawn. Filip did not even get breakfast. The trapdoor crashed on the ground, the whip sang the sad song. They took everything from him. In return, they gave him a butcher’s rope. They forcibly hauled him up with the ropes, even though he tried to protest. It was for nothing. There was no mercy for the hardworking and devoted Filip. The owner didn’t even look back. And Filip took one last look at his house, the only one he knew. As he drove away, he did not realize the long distance he would have to travel. From Romania to Poland.



Old Filip is now waiting in the barn to be transported to the slaughterhouse. Resigned, overworked and useless, with eyes filled with longing for the past. Thrown on the margins of life, he does not know if he can still ask for anything. During the years of service to man, robbed of his dignity, freedom, youth and health, he is to go where no one ever returns. Straight to the slaughter. All alone.

“However, maybe the time has come for us to learn to live beyond the limits we have set for ourselves. Perhaps we should learn to cross them, recover what is lost and build this world anew, ”wrote Carrie Ryan, as if for the occasion. Let’s build the world of Filip please. Let’s build it from the scratch. Let us rebuild his faith in humanity, let us give him a substitute for what he lost. Although we will not restore his health and we will not chase away old age, we can make him spend his autumn life among those who love him.