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07.01.2021 Update:
Gabrysia and Gucia are already with us!

And we thank you wholeheartedly for that! Girls will welcome the New Year on our farm, safe and cared for. It is said that what New Year is, so is the whole year – and in this case we have no doubts about it. Gabrysia and Gucia will always be safe and loved. They will have their own place on earth. Once again, on their behalf – thank you!


Their Story:

Gabrysia looks into the lens as if she wasn’t sure if she was allowed. Eyes filled with fear and helplessness, short pony legs that brought her here for a few photo shots. Shots that can save her life. Or not. Gucia, her daughter, closes her eyes and hugs her mother tightly, as if she wanted to disappear. I watch her body shake. She doesn’t understand anything. She doesn’t know what they have been doing here for days now. She doesn’t know why all that she knew has disappeared. Where is a small barn, a bucket of water, and her favorite path to the pasture, which was covered by the first snow. Covered especially for her .. for Gucia! As if the snow even knew that she might not have the opportunity to feel what winter is. As if this winter and this path were the last things that Gucia would love to see before she leaves.

For such like Gucia and her mother Gabrysia – nothing is allowed. Or at least not much. You are allowed to work, you are allowed to bear foals. Even one after the other. However, you must not ask for anything, you must not get tired, you must not refuse the host, and you must not grow old. Gabrysia tried very hard, but it all came one after another. The world found her old and went away. And it left her as she was, with a little daughter by her side, who was 100 percent human dependent. The World left with no chance of rescue. Because, let’s be honest, old ponies are not saved by anyone. What for?. The big world has ponies in bulk. Full barns, stables and pastures. Two ponies one way or the other – won’t make a difference to anyone. The old and worn ones are just plain ballast. And today people get rid of ballast easily. The rat race of life and profits, drown out the conscience.

We do not know why the farmer sold both of them to the liovestock trader. The trader himself is impatient when we ask what happened. “She is old, and that’s it. What more do you need to know, who would keep it in such old age?, Christmas around the corner, You have to kill it, before it dies on its own “, he cuts off shortly and nervously glances at his watch. We only had a few minutes.



We do not deliberate. The past doesn’t matter. And maybe just as usual – holidays are coming and the farmer needed money. Such a winter trade with life. Winter is the best. Because the prices are high. Of course, Gabrysia does not know this, and neither does her daughter. Little ponies don’t know that whatever they do, and no matter how hard they try and walk with their short legs – the day will come when someone will lower the gangplank and show them the way. And if they don’t want to go, they’ll force them. And then, drowning in terror, they will walk, hoof to hoof, to their destiny. And even when they reach it, and everything ceases to exist for them, they will probably still not understand why the world abandoned them and condemned them to a cruel death. Because the worst part of all this is not dying, but the fact that it is not known if fate has something up the sleeve for little ponies afterwards. Because there, where the little ponies go, over the Rainbow Bridge, there are no snow-covered paths, covered just for them.