30 September 2021 Update

On behalf of Gabrysia and Gwoździk, thank you for saving their life!

The clatter of hooves on the paved ground, a deep sigh full of relief – they are already here! They are safe and still a bit surprised by the new surroundings, so calm and peaceful.  Gabrysia and Gwoździk already have their own stall on our farm, a place on earth that no one will ever take from them again.

Thank you for giving Gabrysia and Gwoździk a chance. It wouldn’t be possible without you.


You won’t believe it, but I had a home once. Not a mansion, but an ordinary one. I had a roof over my head, my few square meters, a manger where oats were poured for me, and I even had an owner, short man with gray hair, always in torn garden pants with large pockets, who would sometimes pat me on the neck and say, “….there, there, Gabrysia, good mare, come on now…”.

You won’t believe it, but I was beautiful once. They all admired me as I was walked, and I would lift my hooves high above the ground and touch the concrete with grace. Oh, I would run like crazy around my favourite barn lawn! My gray-haired owner clapped his hands always as I ran around the trees with all my strengh. Later, my little Gwoździk was running with me. Since then, everybody was delighted with him more and less with me. But it didn’t matter. My gray-haired owner always patted me, mumbling “ mare. Good, good mare…” I didn’t need anything more. I was a good mare. It was enough for me.

You won’t believe it, but I thought it would always be like that. Every morning at dawn I stepped out onto wet grass, with Gwoździk behind me, a bit clumsily with tangled legs. It was trying its best and I pushed him with nostrils. I don’t even know when was the first time, when he passed me happily at the barn door and shoot out onto the wet grass first. I thought: oh look how big he is already! You won’t believe how fast the time goes by…

I believed my gray-haired owner when the truck arrived and he led me out with my son following. And as he led me through the yard and along that great gangplank, he patted my neck at the top and said with tears in his eyes, “Good mare, good horse”. You won’t believe it, but then he turned around and just left me there. I tried to fight with the tight rope to run after him, but the torn pants with huge pockets quickly disappeared around the corner.

You won’t believe it, but I didn’t understand what I did wrong. After all, I was a good mare, wasn’t I?



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