13th fo September update

Dear Friends!
We did it again! Thanks to your help, we saved another life!
Gapcio is safe. Now he is facing quarantine, veterinary diagnostics and a blacksmith’s visit. Later, he will be able to joyfully run around the paddock of our Animal Farm or the vast areas of the Przemkowski Landscape Park and carelessly look for birds, sometimes happily stumbling, over his hooves.

Gapcio’s story

First, when they saw me, they called me Gapcio. Yes, that’s my name! Gapcio, because I was a little gawked. They stroked me, fed me candies, put on halters with pink fur and cleaned me with several kinds of brushes. Oh, what an enjoyable life it was! I was visited by the whole family members, big and small. There was always a little girl with a ponytail with them who plaited my braids and covered me with colorful tapes, and always gave me a nostril kiss, so sweet, muttering something from under her human nostrils.

Every time I saw her, I was filled with joy. I knew I would have a carrot and lots of strokes! If you are smart, on my stall – in those days – you would have noticed a beautiful green tag with my name and a carrot stamp. That was to make sure that everyone who passes by should always give me a carrot! At least I thought so. But people are sometimes not very observant. Gapcio, Gapcio… Oh yeah, I loved my name and the way they pronounced it, and they gave me all sorts of goodies … I served this little girl with my back, I was a horse hero. You know! I am strong and great, and someone had to keep the little girl from falling off. It has always been me, Gapcio. And they called me Gapcio because I was stumbling over everything! I was always so busy with birds, bushes and everything that I just didn’t look under my hooves …

Then came the end of summer. And suddenly they came less often. When they saw me, they already said “the big one” and sometimes didn’t even come near. As if they forgot my name. The sign was still hanging, a bit dusty, but my pigtails turned into itchy dreadlocks, and the little tapes were finally removed, I think, out of pity, by a man who was throwing manure from under my feet. I stood and stared at the barn door, waiting for the pony girl and her little hands, for the goodies and stuff. After all, I was Gapcio. Her favorite! I was sure it was temporary, that I would finally see her.

But the door was opening and closing. And she never came to see me again.

Eventually they came to see me with a man. They didn’t call me anymore. They walked as if to a stranger, my horse’s legs gave way under me. I didn’t understand anything. This old man tapped me with a wooden cane for a few minutes, then he talked to my family for a while and a few strange words were said instead of my name.

“11,300 for that, I take it or I go,” said the man, who was looking at me strangely and pointing at me with that piece of wood all the time.

After a while, the world has stopped for me. My family approached, the pony tail girl’s dad took off my favorite fur halter, and this new man threw some leather straps over my head. I walked obediently across the barn, full of confidence. I have walked this way so many times. I knew this barn as mine. And there was my dad, the pony girl dad. What bad could have happened to me?

I was refreshed by the cold, autumn wind and the whistle of the whip. Dad didn’t even look back, he got into the car and drove away quickly. I wanted to whine, but who was I supposed to call? I was alone. Two big and scary men got out of the truck, waving ropes, shouting something. I gave up… despite my horror, I climbed the gangplank and stood humbly where they ordered. At this moment I realized that there would be no more candy, no fur halter, no ponytail girl. But I didn’t think my whole world would end where I was going.

Because I, Gapcio, have tried to be a good horse all my life. But I had to mess up something. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be standing on a chain in this cell today, would I?

But I am standing. I am standing and I am begging you for my life. Because I have no one else in this world. I only have time until September 10 …

It takes 13 500 PLN (3554USD) to save me and transport me to safety. Yes, that’s a lot. And I’m just an ordinary horse. But I can promise you that if you help save my life, I will be grateful to you forever. Or at least until the end of my horse days …

If not, then know that I have no regrets. There are already millions of us behind the Rainbow Bridge. I will gallop there obediently. As obediently as I lived …

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