Gerda and Kaj

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Gerda and Kaj are asking for their lives.
Kaj and Gerda, Gerda and Kaj. Two donkeys that support each other. They are always together. They are inseparable. For years they wandered around the world, changing owners many times. There was no more space left anywhere. The man bought them. The man gave them a job for a while. After he had made his profit he continued to sell. They did everything good donkeys can do. They worked for several years as donkey therapists in a center near Warsaw. They also took children along the seaside promenade. They stood for hours in the heat posing for photos. They bravely pulled too heavy a carriage with customers. People had entertainment, they were losing their youth and health. A Normal thing.

Until a moment ago, they were standing in the marketplace, people were making fun of their twisted hooves and swollen legs and dull fur. Just because they cried so loudly when they were pulled apart. The owner of the backyard slaughterhouse bought them. He bought them because they were cheap. He bought them because no one else wanted them.

He bought them because the worn and old ones will no longer be of any use to anyone. He bought it, because only by killing them can you earn.

Today, on a heavy chain, locked into a dark cell, they wait for their end. Cuddled together, they tremble with fear at the sound of the door opening. They hide in the farthest corner when a human appears. They feel death is coming, but they do not know that when the worst comes they will be separated. Because they are going to die alone. One of them will be dragged into the cell next door, and the other will listen … Cry, until the last breath…

We have paid a part of the money that we need to save Gerda and Kaj. We have to pick them up on Friday (May 14). Their Life and their transport will cost us a total of PLN 4,800. The butcher warned that even if we are one day late he would not wait any longer. Because “do you know how much they eat?” We know …
Kaj and Gerda. Gerda and Kaj. Two donkeys with huge support for each other. Today Kaj is trying to protect Gerda but he is unable to save her. They have nothing or anyone in this world. We are the only chance for rescue.
Ladies and Gentlemen, we kindly ask for your help.

20/05/2021 Update!

Dear Donors! Gerda and Kaj are safe! Treating their lives as entertainment has come to an end. You gave them a chance for a new life, among the largest herd of the lucky ones in Europe, purchased straight from the slaughterhouse. Thank you a thousand times.