09/10/2021 Grabka left over the Rainbow Bridge. Now You can run Grabka!

02/08/2021 Update

Thank you for saving Grabka!

We wholeheartedly thank You for not leaving Grabka. It is thanks to You that she is already safe on our farm. Grabka has undergone some beauty treatments – the white patches have become whiter and the mane is pleasantly fluffy. Now there is also a pedicure provided by a farrier so that she can again shine with healthy hooves and an assessment of her health by a vet. Once this is done nothing will prevent her from joining the group of the remaining ponies.

From now on, any support of Grabka will be allocated to the maintenance and, if necessary, treatment of Grabka. Thanks again!

Grabka’s story

Sometimes, at the traders place, You meet a horse whose sight just makes You speechless. Its gentle gaze fills Your eyes, heart and soul. And then You begin to feel that a meltdown is coming soon as there is too much tears to swallow. You won’t negotiate the price, because Your voice is breaking up so badly trying not to scream out of helplessness. Seeing suffering so great that You cannot bear it alone is heartbreaking because You know that nothing can be done to turn back time. All these years Grabka has suffered cannot be erased. No one will probably be able to make her completely healthy.

This is Grabka. Among the thousands of horses that we have seen at the traders, the sight of these crooked old horses is the most moving. It was they who went the farthest in their suffering. For years, ruthlessly taught to obey, they meekly trod wherever a man told them to. They were always trying their best, although they could barely stand on their legs and each step brought unimaginable pain. Squeezed nostrils, hooves like skis and bent little legs are their hallmark. And they won’t complain, they don’t have a chance to. In silence and helplessness, they are at the mercy of their executioners. The deadline has already been set for Grabka. In this dark place no one is interested in suffering. Only kilograms count here, they will translate into money. Their clang has been effectively drowning the sound of conscience of many.

We do not know how old Grabka is. We will never know her story. We know, however, that her condition is the result of human neglect. Someone was holding her, someone was breeding her, someone hadn’t summoned a blacksmith or a vet for years. We do not understand how someone can look away for such a long time from increasingly bent feet and legs.

Today, the fate of Grabka is in Your hands. We made an advance to postpone the slaughter and we ask You for help. The cost of her life and transport to the foundation center is not very high, PLN2600 in total(USD680) , but the cost of diagnostics and treatment of likely months-long struggle for her health will consume much more money. Please help save her life and make her healthy again. Every donation is important to Grabka. We have time until July 29th to pay her off.

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