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Update 01/21/2022

Greta is already with us!

Thanks to you, Greta is guaranteed a peaceful retirement at our farm. It is thanks to your invaluable help that Greta has her own, certain place on earth, she will never be treated as a thing only for earning. Here he will be a member of the great centaurus family. She will receive the best care, lots of tenderness and, above all, spend the autumn of her life among other retired horses with whom we hope she will make the most beautiful friendships!

Thank you on behalf of Greta!


Her Story:

Here is Greta. You probably never met her. You would remember that look filled with the unshakable hope that it might not be all that awaited her anymore. You’d remember those crooked hooves and arched spine as she tied to the fence, humbly stood waiting for the next customer. You’d remember the quick breathing and the wet nostrils on your hand looking for a relief, not even the carrots. Eyes begging you to take her with you. So that you wouldn’t leave without her. And then her decaying figure disappearing into the barn to the accompaniment of the whip and the shouts of the peasant following her. But you can’t remember it. Because you have never been there. You’re with her only now. At the end of her journey. When she was completely alone, when fear poured into her eyes and resignation filled them. So many times she waited, so many times her heart beat faster when someone came up, someone said “good mare”. But not good enough to take with you.

She was just a summer entertainment for tourists. She was involed in winter sleigh madness. She was the mother who gave birth to foal after foal. She was a cheap labor as the heavy wagon always stuck to her moved over forest paths among the autumn leaves. She was all that is for a moment and then disappears. The madness was gone, the summer was going away, the snow was melting, the leaves were blowing away in the wind. One by one, her children were taken from her and sold. Everything passed, only she lasted forever. Gray Greta at the end of the rope in the barn. Waiting for someone to notice her.



This is how her life passed. Cold winters were passing, painted white snowmen outside the barn window. More springs passed which Greta could admire as the snow-painted snowmen melted. The autumns were passing, when autumn leaves poured out from under her hooves, along with the mud. The hot years passed when Greta stood under the hot sun, waiting for more volunteers for her sore back. If she knew that this past summer would be her last, if she knew that this autumn would throw red leaves on the world for her one last time, perhaps she would rebel.

Maybe not. Because horses like Greta have humility in their blood from the day they were born. And if they forget about it for a moment, a whip on their rump or a wooden pole on their spine will remind them quickly. Sometimes the forks will also add their three cents. There are many ways to restore humility.

Today Greta is standing and waiting. Just as she had waited her whole life. She has her 5 minutes here, now, on this piece of paper. While you are reading, she looks out for the first frosts and snowmen on the window she has had. The barn is huge, lots of horses. But the other trader is still looking for customers, it’s not worth looking for Greta. Who would want a tired, ailing horse that has already met its standards?

Her fate is awaiting her, as it awaits 30,000 horses a year. And these are only statistics in Poland. All over the world, hundreds of thousands of horses are leaving in the silence of their helplessness. Horses that have served faithfully but have worn out go to death. And this faithfulness did not help them. The trucks are full of them, faithful and devoted. And those faithful and devoted then walk hoof to hoof along the narrow corridor of the slaughterhouse until they fall faithfully to the ground, completely given to man. And no one will ever mention them, as if they never existed.



Here is Greta. You probably never met her. You would remember that look filled with the unshakable hope that it might not be all that awaited her anymore. So look into her eyes now, see those fading sparks in them. See in them this devotion and faithfulness that a man could learn from horses. Then decide for yourself. Life or death.