1st of October 2021 update
Beloved, Halna was saved thanks to you. You are amazing in your actions. Older horses need our help very much, because often their chances of reaching their kill destination are negligible. Therefore, we would like to thank you for your attention to Halna and her history.

Her story

Do you have a moment? I will take you on a long journey. A journey through a strange life. Someone else’s life. A bit universal… Because not everyone sees life as it is. So check it out. Open your eyes. And see the old mare, Halna. We drive along the two-lane road, we pass some production halls, the sky is dark blue and sinister as the bottom of the ocean. The rain crashes with some tragic grace against the windshield, and sometimes it rumbles like mad. More lights come on and go out. We cannot speed up, although we are not sure if we are in a hurry. Because we know what we will find. We know how close to death we will soon be. And we know we’ll have to go away with nothing. This powerlessness sometimes causes your faith to fade out, only to be on fire again in a second.

A small village outside Warsaw, on the main road. Concrete, crumbling yard, old buildings and cowsheds, lots of junk around. All gray, drab and gloomy. The last August afternoons, the first autumn rainy days. The sun does not shine here, as if it has forgotten this place. Halna staggers out of one of the cowsheds, looks resignedly at the camera and hangs her head to the ground as if she wanted the ground to swallow her. But the soil, not bothered, is silent. Wherever Halna is pushed, she goes there. She doesn’t care about anything anymore. She is standing before you today as before the final judgment. She stands like a flabby string, shaking on her own feet, at the end of her journey.

Look deep into her eyes. You will find an immeasurable sea of ​​pain. You will find resignation, hope, and great sorrow. A cocktail of everything. You will find millions of moments where despair exceeds the limits and no one will hear you anyway. The world of Halna is mute. Just like her story. Open your eyes. See numerous wounds all over the body. See the twisted legs and the curved spine. See old age, gray temples and swollen joints. You will see tears in her eyes that no one wanted to notice for several decades.

If you look closely you will see her scream. But you’ll never hear that scream. You will only feel how close you are to death. Halna buries her nostrils in my hands. I can feel they are incredibly warm. Halna’s heart is throbbing, although her eyes have gone blank. On my hands I see the blood dripping from her mouth. The trader waves his hand, “It’s nothing, she must have cut her mouth with a rope during transport, when she was resisting. She shouldn’t have resisted”

Because Halna arrived at that concrete yard a few hours earlier. We don’t know where the dealer found her. He only called if we wanted her, said that today there are not many horses, he will sell such a corpse as well. And he only calls when he feels sorry for the horse, sometimes. Or regrets the trouble. We don’t want to dwell on it. It doesn’t matter for Halna. And for this article. It is Saturday, last of August, rainy. How could we deny ourselves a journey, a journey for an old horse that will never have any guests. Yes, Halna looks into the lens for the last time in her life. She is looking at you, even though she did not even know that this article would be published. Well, someone may say that she is old and not worth saving, that it is a waste of money. Many of our collections face old age. As if life could be measured by age … or whatever. We don’t know her story. But we know what end was prepared for her by a man. The man who had to be her whole world. Because only horses that have lived immensely and humbly in the service of man look like this. Please help us to buy and transport Halna to our animal farm. Yes, I know. She doesnt have 20 years ahead of her. Two or three at best. Or only a few months. However, we have vets who have worked wonders more than once. Maybe they will do it for Halna, so that she can stay with us for a while. And maybe one day she will close her eyes, calmly saying goodbye to this life, with a little hint of longing for what she experienced here …

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