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Update 28/01/2022

Thank you for saving the Hrabiny ‘the countess”

Hrabina is already with us, she doesn’t have to be afraid of anything anymore. She has her own warm, cozy corner and people who will take care of her as best they can. We will do everything in our power to make Hrabina feel what love and the best care feel like, to make her look to the future with peace and trust. We don’t know how much of this future she has left, but each and every day she is with us will be painless and fearless. We thank you wholeheartedly for this chance for Hrabina. Thank you that in the fall of your life she can feel true goodness and gratitude for how wonderful horse she is. Thank you!


Her story:
Look, here is Hrabina “the Countess”. We called her that. To give her courage and grace as Our Countess is so terrified at the moment.

She stands on aching, twisted legs and looks around. To the right, then to the left. She shakes her head like the pendulum of a clock that counts down the time of her death. She came here a while ago. To the waiting room, the vestibule of death. She does not understand what she did wrong that she was taken from her house. She doesn’t know why they took everything she knew from her before. Although I think to myself that maybe she knows, but doesn’t want to believe it. She refuses to understand that the man has sentenced her to death. And what for? For years of obedience and dedication. For unconditional love and loyalty. They got rid of her and forcibly dragged her onto the butcher’s car. They had to drag her for a long time, because her tired, aching, crooked legs did not want to take a step. She protested for a long time, although maybe she simply did not have the strength to go.

Hrabina tried very hard to deserve a life. To deserve a good word and favorable gaze of man. She has always been devoted to her master. She worked until she lost her strength. In exchange for a bowl of oats and hay in the manger, she was a good horse. She gave birth, she worked when a man ordered, she did everything he expected of her. She was wrong when she thought she would get just a handful of what in our world we call “thank you”. Oh, how wrong she was …

The trader cuts his whip because he is irritated by the awkward Hrabina. And she stands with a thick rope around her neck and looks as if she was the only one keeping her from falling. Terrified, she freezes as soon as she notices someone approaching. She doesn’t want to think how many times she has been forced to obey this way. She stands there and cannot do anything. Just to be. Humble and obedient, ready to be killed. It’s so hard to look at. Even harder to turn around and walk away.

We apologize, Hrabina, that we cannot erase your painful memories. We cannot take the pain and suffering out of your weary body. But we will try to put an end to your ordeal. We will try to ease your pain a little. If only you give us a chance. Do not give up, be brave Hrabina. We will also fight.