16th September 2021 Update

Hugo is now safe!

We thank you wholeheartedly for saving Hugo’s life. Although there was so little time, you have shown once again that nothing is impossible for you. Thanks to you, Hugo is alive and has a chance for a great future.

From now on, all support for Hugo will be dedicated to its maintenance. We thank you with all our hearts!

If people were stuffing their hearts with kindness instead of their pockets with money, you would not know the story of Hugo today. He would not stand in a shabby cowshed, with a butcher’s rope on its head pushed around by people who only see him as an item. Because if people valued the life of animals, they would not see them as living meat they can earn money from. However it is what it is, and Hugo cannot decide anything for himself, so he helplessly waits for whips to chase him to a truck that carries horses to the slaughterhouse.

Hugo is only 3 years old, and there is nothing unusual in his story, nor is there any dramatic twists. Just another bold horse with no origin, no outstanding beauty, no chance for a good life. Like millions of other animals, Hugo was brought into the world only to be killed in a slaughterhouse.

Horses like Hugo are very difficult to save. Only few people care about their fate, even fewer are interested in helping. So many animals with dramatic stories are waiting to be rescued that helping these young people seems less urgent. And that’s not true because time flies just as fast for him as for the others. And he wants to live too, but he has no way of asking you for this life.

To save Hugo, many people must recognize that it is worth doing. We believe that this young horse will find a place in your hearts and you will help save him. He needs PLN 9300 (2380 USD) (life plus transport costs). We have to pick him up on September 13 at the latest. It is very little time to collect such a large amount.

On behalf of Hugo, we ask for support, every donation, however small is important to him.

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Donation Total: $5.00