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Update 02/15/2022
Jacek and Placek are safe!

And it’s thanks to you. Thank you wholeheartedly for giving them a second chance and saving their pony world. You did not allow Jacek and Placek to be forgotten and become only a faded memory. The empathy with which you are filled has won.

After working hard at the recreation center, the ponies will be able to enjoy a peaceful retirement. Little friends still have to go into quarantine, like every new inhabitant of our asylum. They will also come under the care of a vet and a blacksmith to be able to join the remaining ponies and explore all the nooks and crannies of their new home. We are looking forward to this sight.

We promise that we will do everything to make Jacek and Placek happy with us. Thank you a hundred times for supporting our brave ponies!



Neither Jacek nor Placek knew that in our world nothing is given forever. Not for free. When this time comes and a man decides that the horse will “break down”, that is, becomes sick or old, it is redundant immediately. And then it is sent away unscrupulously into oblivion. Forgetfulness is usually a slaughterhouse. Because it will never come back from there. Sorted

Jacek and Placek did not know that everything here is about money. Economy always wins with empathy.

In their lives so far, Jacek and Placek were called friends by all those who learned to ride their backs. They were like family members, inscribed in visitors’ memoirs, in family albums, and in children’s photos. Ponies like them are often said to be the perfect summer entertainment, a unique company that pleases the eyes of children and parents. Everyone wanted to hug them, touch them, climb on their backs and ride towards the horizon. Their long lives have been spent working in a small recreation center by the lake. Working among the crowd of people and children’s laughter. Regardless of the weather and heat from the sky, they bravely earned their living. You have to, that’s how brave ponies do if they want to live. And Jacek and Placek are brave ponies …

However, the summer season is over. Because everything ends sometime. The sun is not as hot as during summer holidays, when everything seems easier. The beaches are no longer overcrowded, holidaymakers no longer visited Jacek and Placek’s stables as often as they used to. The simple story of life has caught up with that place by the lake. The owner decided to close a small resort that was no longer profitable. The business of which animals were the pillar, collapsed. Big horses sold out quickly, that’s not a surprise. Other animals too. Nobody, except the trader, even looked at the old, sick ponies. What could be done. They have to be sold, time was pressing. So Jacek departed, Placek departed for their last journey together. Today they stand in line to the slaughterhouse, dirty, neglected, with tight halters on little pony heads. That’s what they got from their man at the end.

Beloved. Jacek and Placek are timidly looking for a second chance at life. If we fail to save them, they will lose it forever. There will be no more Jacek, a little pony with a beautiful white mane. There will be no Placek, a little pony with a big heart. The world won’t stop for them. The world will run on, another summer will pass, and more. Nobody will remember them. There is no shortage of entertainment in the summer. All we can do is save their pony world. A world where they will be safe.


Your contribution is doubled with
matching funds from Pledges for first 10k USD.
(US donors enjoy tax break)