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Update 01/21/202
Jagna and Jagodzianka are safe!

We wholeheartedly thank you for saving Jagna and her daughter Jagodzianka. The girls are already with us, they are safe, although they do not fully believe it yet – Jagna watches over the curious Jagodzianka so that she does not move away from her too much. However, before the quarantine is over, after which they can visit the catwalks, we will surely convince them that they can trust us completely – we have ideal arguments for this in the form of strokes and juicy carrots! Now they will have a quiet, carefree life, and it’s all thanks to you! Thank you!



Her Story

“Because you see, people are generally afraid of judgment. They prefer reassuring messages… They expect words of encouragement and hope. They prefer a mild syrup to the bitter truth. “
– Agatha Christie

Jagna was not afraid of the judgment. Although she could. She wasn’t scared for herself, though she should have. Because she received neither reassuring messages nor words of encouragement and hope. Only the bitter truth and the whistle of the whip mean only what for overworked horses the whip and gangplank mean – the end. End of work, profit, end of usefulness. After completing it – the end of an older horse’s life. It was supposed to be like that. This was what its end was supposed to be. From the very beginning, no one wrote a different ending for her.

Jagna is a mare that has probably always worked in recreation. In a large center, well-known to tourists, where there was never a shortage of visitors. She gave birth to her foals and brought good income. Faithful, devoted and humble. There were always queues of people willing to visit Jagna. There were always children and parents with cameras. Because it was quite a pretty mare. She loved strokes, treats, and people. She had her stall, she had a manger full of oats, she was wearing expensive riding equipment. Probably more expensive than herself. It’s a facility that locks doors with golden handles. And behind this doors are hundreds of stories and dramas of horses that sacrificed their lives here. And no one ever let them live to old age for it. Only it is not talked about. From the outside, when you look, you are full of amazement. But if you ever find yourself in a place where there are no lame old horses trough, ask someone where they are. After all, horses are subject to the passage of time, just like any of us. They did not evaporate ..



And suddenly everything changed, everything was taken from Jagna. Without notice, for no great reason. When she gave birth to her last child, she got lame. It was enough that she was no longer needed and that no one was standing with the camera in front of her. Suddenly, there were no people around, no delicacies and no time for strokes. Nobody even wanted to diagnose her. It costs. And the horse is supposed to earn, not generate costs. Another horse was quickly put in place of Jagna. After all, every day without work is a loss. Oh, pure business. The owner decided to sell Jagna. Quickly and quietly. Because such situations like the silence. Straight to the trader, straight to slaughter. He doesn’t need a horse that doesn’t make any money. “You don’t think I’ll keep this parasite here, do you?” She cannot earn for herself, there is no place for her here, ”the volunteers in the stable heard. “And take the little one too. It is not good for anything yet .. ”So Yagna and her foal were taken to wait until death would reminded them of their fate.

Jagna is not afraid of the sentence, although she should. She stares at the lens and every now and then her loud cry tears the silence to shreds. She is not asking for mercy. It’s not a pity season. Nobody has the head for this today. Jagna knows that for people like her, fate constantly writes the same scenarios, and the world is based on economy. She understands that since they do not want her to work anymore, no one will extend her life. It has become an unpleasant duty. But she is trembling for Jagodzianka. Her last child. How to save her from death? Jagna looks at her child and thinks with regret that she couldn’t do much, and today she is unable to protect her child from the worst thing. Slaughter consumed millions of them. And it will absorb even more …

Perhaps if someone else bought her, today her life would be different. But the fate is decided by the seconds. A trader bought it. Jagna won’t do anything about it. Not any more. Jagodzianka hides behind her mother, observes the world around her and cuddles up to her mane. She doesn’t know the real world yet, doesn’t know what it has to offer. She trusts people, because so far she has not suffered any greater harm from them. She is full of trust and willingness to live. She comes closer to us when we try to take a picture of her. Curious little Jagodzianka, if only she knew …