23.11.2021 bitter sweet update

We would like to thank you for your support for Jagoda and Julek. And although we would like to say that everything ended well, this story has a bitter aftertaste. We cannot win against fate. We learned about it painfully once again when we went for the ponies, and on the spot it turned out that Jagoda was no longer with Julek.

As much as we would like, we cannot influence everything. We cannot fight death itself. Despite the bitterness and rebellion, we are unable to snatch Julek’s mom out of her arms. We don’t know what really happened, why Jagoda didn’t make it to the rescue. It didn’t matter to us that the price suddenly dropped because the horse we wanted to pay for was gone.

We only thought about little Julek, who suddenly became an orphan. And we knew we had to take care of him. We must do everything possible to make his life happy. We can’t give his mother back to him. But thanks to You, we can guarantee his safety and ensure that he will never be alone again. We owe it to him, but above all we owe it to Jagoda.

Their story:

I enter the cowshed. A cowshed, which is a home. A home for those who never had a home. Because no one throws You out of a real home. Poland throws out 30,000 horses a year for slaughter. You pay dearly for this disposal. A kilogram of a horse in the country of the Uhlans costs PLN 15. The traditions sold out quickly. We are invariably leading the way in Europe.

Jagoda nervously hangs around Julek. He looks into the lens for a moment and examines who am I and what my intentions are. Although my only intention is to take pictures of them to let them out into the world and help save their life, I don’t think she trusts anyone anymore. She stood on one farm for many years, she believed that this state of affairs would continue until her last days. Because she was a good, polite and devoted pony. But as they loaded her, no one asked her merit. It is not Santa Claus, where there is a symbolic stick for bad behavior. It doesn’t matter if the pony is good or not. It is important that his kilogram costs PLN 15 at the purchase. It is important that the owner needs money. And there is a trader who buys and exports in bulk.

We don’t have much time, but the ponies don’t know it. Nobody tells them because it doesn’t matter. Gray Jagoda covers little Julek with her body, as if she trusted that it would change something. Julek looks curiously into the lens and fidgets on his short, crooked legs. He doesn’t know where those legs are going to lead him in a moment. And they will follow Jagoda, because every little pony will follow his mother with confidence …

These Julek’s feet will have to climb awkwardly up the steep ladder in a moment, stumbling every now and then. On a gangway that was certainly not built for little ponies. And when Julek stands at the top, at the very top, he will probably breathe a great breath, how big this world is, from the very top! But they will quickly push him deeper, behind Jagoda. They will stuff a little pony Julek and his trust there in the dark corner. And they will close this gangway that will cover the great world. A world he will never know. He was born in the wrong barn, in the wrong time, not quite right.

We can save Jagoda and Julek and his world. A world he will not miss because he has never known it.


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