You can write a lot about fate and destiny. For some it’s kind and generous, while for others it’s cruel and fatal. They sayu that it is impossible to escape from your destiny, and fate will give us what we certainly do not expect. I don’t know what fate prepared for Józio. But if he had been kind, you surely wouldn’t have heard of Józio today. Condemned to the mercy of man, he quickly became convinced of his ruthlessness. Such a donkey world.

He worked for his owners for many long years. He was a brave donkey. During the high season, in heat and dust, he would drive the children around the meadows for hours. He pulled a carriage, posed for photos when tourists visited him. So he provided himself with food and a warm corner. He adored people, although his overworked body could give less and less. Today Józio no longer resembles that young, strong donkey, which all visitors admired. Today he is like an old clock that continues to run, even though it no longer shows the hours correctly. His clock hands are curved, the dial is devoid of numbers, and the cuckoo mechanism is rusty and broken. But it doesn’t mean anything anymore … Because Józio, according to man, deserved nothing but a butcher’s hook. And although he bravely worked in agritourism all his life, retirement is not for him. Nobody even stares at the decayed and sick donkey. There is no one. Everyone who made money on it disappeared. Those who used it for work are gone. Even those he carried on his back every summer had forgotten him. He stayed on few vacation photos, but they would soon be covered with dust as well.

Warm days passed, youth passed and health disappeared. Leaves fell from the trees again, snow sprinkled everything, another winter came. Józio liked winter, he could rest after a hard, busy season. But they did not prepare rest for him. They led him out of the small stable and led him straight to the big car. He drifted away from everything he had known before until it was all gone.

Where do old, worn-out donkeys like Józio go? After years of work, when their legs do not want to carry them to the green meadows, and all the chances are long gone, they do not have a decent retirement. They go to the place where it is possible to earn for the last time, but not for them, rahter from them. So, Józio stands at the merchant’s and with the last of his strength he raises his head staring directly at you. He’s asking you for help, that’s all he can do today. I think he knows that from where he is, he won’t go to any good home. He probably thinks that when the time comes, they’ll load him on a butcher’s truck and drive him straight to the slaughterhouse. Because no one will come for Józio, no one will offer him shelter or even good care. Now he has the only chance to ask for his life. After that, it will be too late for everything.

Soon the sun will go out for the overworked Józio. Trembling, lopsided legs and neglected little hooves hold his fragile body upright. We would like to give him a better life. Although he is old and worn out, he is entitled to a decent retirement pension. Please help buy it. We want to come back for him and save him from the slaughterhouse. There will be no more chances.

We have time until March 4 to collect PLN 4,200 (1033 USD) and pay for the purchase and transport of the donkey. Your gesture can save his life.


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