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25/5/2021 Update

Kacper and Uszaty are safe! Thanks to your invaluable help, Kacper and Uszaty are safe! Brave brothers are already with us and they are slowly getting to know a completely different life, full of scratching behind the ears and delicacies. The guys still have tests ahead of them, thanks to which we will be able to assess their health, and they will soon join the herd of the remaining donkeys. On their behalf – thank You!

Kacper’s and Uszaty’s story

Kacper and Uszaty are begging for their lives!

They only have a few days to live. Kacper is the taller, more dignified one, and the trader says he must be wiser. Uszaty is the smaller, the scared one, he always gets into trouble and then he hides behind his bigger brother.

Brothers, donkey brothers, always together. They worked together in a mini zoo, carried the children on their backs, and posed for photos together when tours came.

Today the brothers go to slaughter together. The mini zoo went out of business. All the animals are long gone. Kacper and Uszaty have been looking for a buyer for a long time, but why buy two donkeys in times of epidemic?

And this is how their common, brotherly journey ends. They recently left the mini zoo where they were born together and where they led a busy life together. In a few days, they will leave the cowshed with a trader who will take the brothers to slaughter. Uszaty invariably hides behind Kacper, as if he believed that this would protect him from all the evil of this world.

We have time. We won a few days for the donkey brothers. Until May 21, we have to pay for the life of Kacper and Uszaty  PLN8500 with transportation. Without your help, the brothers have no chance.