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26/05/2021 UPDATE

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

Thank you very much for your support for Kajtek. Currently, he is after surgery, which showed that both kidneys are affected by tumors. Additionally, there were problems with the liver and pancreas. It was possible to remove one kidney, but the convalescence time would be very long, and Kajtek didn’t have much time left.

Kajtek accepts high-quality food and supplements. We are still collecting funds for medicines and a dog hotel in which he is staying, as well as for systematic visits to the vet.

Thank you once again for every support for this poor pooch, unfortunately, fate treated him in a very cruel way, but thanks to you – the sponsors, he has a decent retirement, which he certainly deserves.

05/05/2021 UPDATE

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

Probably each of you has had a period in your life in which, although you tried, nothing was successful, and each subsequent attempt to raise ended in another fall. This is the case of Kajtek, who has been fighting for his health for many months, unfortunately still with poor results.

Kajtek was abandoned and left alone all his life, he was a stray dog ​​who never had anything to eat, and in winter his feet froze because he had no shelter or a friend to give him a part of his life. In addition, the man made him unable to do so by stuffing him with 11 lead shots. Since then, his legs have refused to be fully functional, and he can’t help it. He went through a lot, had numerous injuries to the pelvis and a hernia that needed to be operated on, dysplasia, abrasions, and degenerative changes in the spine.

After many months of therapy and rehabilitation, Kajtek was slowly recovering, but he will always be a disabled doggie. Thanks to your support, he was taken care of for a very long time, he was provided with specialist food, regular visits to the vet, and a place where he could sleep. Unfortunately, although he asked for adoption and was looking for a home for himself, he has never found it.

Today Kajtek lives in a dog hotel for animals like him. No future with a loving family to take care of him and give him what he never had. He has probably already come to terms with the fact that the world he is in has nothing else to offer him. And so it went on for months until his last visit to the vet, where the results were definitely bad.

Two tumors were detected, both on both kidneys, 3 and 8 centimeters in size. The blood and heart results were fine, there is an indication for laparotomy, which, unfortunately, is not the cheapest. Such a procedure may give us the opportunity to remove the lesions, and if it does not, we will cover him with the best possible and available palliative care. Funds for medicines and specialized food as well as the hotel where he is still staying are also still needed.

Kajtek is forced to ask you for help once again, on his behalf we would like to thank you for your support for this poor pooch so far, but as you can see, Kajtek does not leave bad luck.

Please do not leave him alone, although the man did him a lot of harm, we can prove together to Kajtek that not everyone wants to hurt him. Together, we can support him in this unequal fight for a better tomorrow. His life depends on you.