29.10.2021 UPDATE
Thank you for saving Kamyczek!

Thanks to your invaluable help, Kamyczek is already with us! It is thanks to you that he does not suffer anymore – as soon as he came to us, the veterinarian took care of him and removed the ingrown cord. It is with relief and joy that we can tell you that the wound is healing well and that Kamyczek is getting closer to health with each passing day.

We are not able to express our gratitude – it fills our hearts every time we look at Kamyczek, which slowly, with small steps, discovers the charms of life. On his behalf – thank you!


We called him Kamyczek “the stone”. Because before us, as before the final judgment, he stood frozen as a stone. He looked at us with his great eyes and did not flinch.

The merchant called at dawn today that he would have “goods” for us. Because in this world, life is only a commodity. He said he could sell us a pony because he heard we were buying such a pony. It is impossible to pick him up, because also today he has already called the vet, which is to come in the afternoon. A pony with an ingrown halter stands waiting for help, and if we do not buy it, he will take his suffering and carry it far away, where no pony has ever returned from

We don’t know what happened with Kamyczek, we don’t know why he ended up here. It looks like someone tied him up and simply forgot about him, and he grew and the rope grew into the skin. When someone finally noticed it, instead of helping him, the evidence of the “crime” was immediately disposed of. The trader, more aware that he may have problems in the event of an inspection, has already called the vet, but this only changes that Kamyczek will go to slaughter with the wound healed. As long as it heals by Friday, because it will be loaded on the last journey then.


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