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Updated 02/24/2022

Klarcia saved!

Little Klarcia has already arrived at our farm, where she was greeted by a beautiful sun and a delicious carrot. And although she ate it with relish, at the same time she looked around in amazement, as if not believing that the world could be so big! Only the quarantine, during which Klarcia will be examined by a veterinarian, only the blacksmith will take care of her hooves and the little one will be able to explore this great, safe world of our farm! We are sure that the other ponies will be happy to show her favorite places, tell you which tree is the most pleasant and there will be ones that will be happy to race with her as fast as possible on their little pony hooves!

On behalf of Klarcia, we bow to you low!



Klarcia’s story

Imagine a world without Klarcia. Easy right? Because you don’t even know who Klarcia is. Just few people know. In fact, hardly anyone.

The trader knows. The breeder who brought her into this world knows. But what a waste it is to bring someone into this world only to send them to their death in a moment. And Klarcia didn’t come here for anything else.

One day, two long years ago, she opened her eyes in a little cowshed in some village. Snow was falling and the world was drowned in sparkling white powder. Through the broken old boards in the door, little Klarcia watched the changing seasons, the melting snowflakes, the grass blowing towards the sky, and the red-gold leaves falling to the ground, which in a moment were swept by the amused wind. As if this world, so distant for her, wanted to give her a private show. Show for Klarcia who was born to die.

Where was the wind dancing with leaves for Klara? I run my finger across the map, but the merchant doesn’t reveal such secrets. Klarcia lived her life closed away from everything. She was never ment to do anything but just stare at the closed, torn doors. She was standing in a small rusty cage next to the other farm animals. Moments after her birth, her mother fell ill due to the old age. Her mother was taken by the same trader where Klarcia is standing today. But he doesn’t remember Klarcia. Thousands of horses pass through here. I have thousands. Thousands of children. Who would count them all, apart from this wind ..

She probably remembers her mother very well. She was, after all, the only pony standing next to her, hoof to hoof. And when she was gone, the days became unbearable. If it wasn’t for the hole in the door, her window to the world, Klarcia would have died alive.

Today Klarcia has a large yard. She stands under a shed, among old farm equipment, tires and scrap metal. Nobody comes here and nobody will see her pleading gaze. Nobody can save her. Because no one looks for cute ponies in places like this.

I am asking the trader to let me take some pictures of Klarcia. Shrugs. He grabs one of the ropes lying on the old carriage and goes to get the little one. I watch her, stunned, fall out of the barn, and despite the fact that the wind is raging and it rains, she moves as if she did not pay attention to the weather. As if hungry for the world, she wanted to experience it in as many minutes as possible. She was loudly tell the tires and the old tractors that she was here. No one else was there to listen. Wind blew a void that took her indifferently. She’s not the first. Not the last.

I took some photos of the Klarcia. It must be enough. Because there will be no more. Next time I am supposed to come for Klarcia with the money. Or not to come. I’m not the only customer. You know.


Your contribution is doubled.
Matching funds from Pledges for first 10k USD.
(US donors enjoy tax break)