1st of October 2021 Update

Kluska and Kinia already with us!

It couldn’t have been a more beautiful, sunny day to welcome two beautiful little donkeys on our farm. The girls have made themselves at home in a box prepared especially for them, where they can munch fragrant hay in peace. Only a blacksmith, a veterinarian, a quarantine is necessary. Then only donkey conversations and warming their backs in the autumn sun – thank you on their behalf! It’s all because you!

Kluska and Kinia couldn’t be not donkeys. Anyone would expose them. If not by the ears, then after that donkey gaze. Kluska, the mother and Kinia, the daughter, have always been together. Together they had a small job on a farm. Before Kinia was born, Kluska worked here with her mother. But this one grew old, lay down more and more often, until one day she disappeared. Someone came, they hauled her up the gangplank and Kluska never saw her mother again. Kinia was born shortly after that. The world was better for Kluska again – she was not alone in her cowshed at the edge of the village.

Kluska and little Kinia were local clowns. So when the guests came, the two of them entertained the company. There were photos, and there were guided tours, and there was stroking and tugging of the ears. They stood polite, because that polite state meant that tomorrow they would not be hauled up the gangplank and left where the donkeys with soaring ears would no longer return from.

The host is an elderly man. Not that he doesn’t like animals. She feeds and keeps the animals indoors, which means rural luxury. In return for the bowl and the roof – Kluska and Kinia had to do as they were told. Usually mother Kluska with some child on her back was pacing in the yard, while tiny Kinia tried to catch up with her, losing her balance and crying out loud at the whole neighborhood. Months passed, Kinia grew, and mother Kluska is expecting the baby again. Rural luxury would probably continue, if not for a proposal from a large company, as a result of which the host and the hostess left their country estate. We don’t know where they left, but we know that they didn’t want to bring Kluska and Kinia with them.

The host called the only place he knew. He was so overwhelmed by the new prospects that he did not care what would happen to the donkey family. It is a place where everyone from the surrounding villages gives away old or no longer needed horses and donkeys. Because nobody there asks about anything, nobody evokes remorse. The perfect place. From the people’s point of view, at least. Animals probably see it differently. But who would consider them in today’s world. After all, we all know that they are only going there for a while. This is just the last, short stop before they die.

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