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Update 13/01/2022

Kostek is saved!

Thank you with all our hearts for saving Kostek! The old man has already arrived at our farm, where he has his place – a cozy, warm stall, just right for a retired horse. It is here that he will be able to rest, enjoy delicious oat mix and aromatic hay, and later, in the paddock, chat with other saved horses. There is still a quarantine ahead of Kostek, visits from a veterinarian and a blacksmith, but we will undoubtedly make his waiting time pleasant with delicious carrots. Once again, on behalf of Kostek, Thank you!


His Story:

It happens. Old age has no mercy. And sometimes man is no better than this old age which he is so afraid of and about which he complains. Kostek gave his whole life to man. He gave everything he had. He gave away his heart, soul and his, once strong, legs. He gave away summer mornings, autumn rainy days and winter evenings. He gave everything from the first day he came into this world. And deep in his heart, he believed that he would serve man until his last days. And yet he wanted too much ..

Though he was not much wrong. He served bravely to the end. Until recently, just a few days ago, he was hauling his wagon from the woods. A car much bigger than him. When I look at his arched spine, swollen legs, and protruding ribs, I honestly don’t know how he did it. I don’t know where he got his strength from, because when I look into these tired, wise eyes today, I see only suffering and resignation in them. But animals often do something beyond their strength for humans. Just to make a person think they are worth it. Worth letting them live. Until the last breath.

I would like to add something about love, but I don’t want to aim too high here. Many old horses do not even know what human care is. They are born in the countryside, do not see a vet or a blacksmith often, and their space in the barn is so little that they can barely turn around. Their world is usually limited by some thick rope, and their days are filled with hard work. And when a man squeezes all life and strength out of them and deprives them of faith, he grabs the thick rope, leads them out of their barn and pushes them up the gangplank onto the truck. He does it without thinking, just to squeeze a few bucks for the last time.



I will not make up the story here. I don’t know where Kostek came from. The trader only told us that he had lived on the same farm all his life. A year ago he started his journey through many barns because he was too old and his owner did not want to keep him. Another old farmer bought him because Kostek was humble, hardworking and never opposed a man. Anyway, today I see this humblity in his big black eyes, standing next to this suffering and resignation. It’s a deadly cocktail. And being humble was of no use to him. Last winter, old Kostek was hauling a tree from in the woods along the forest paths. This winter was no different. But somewhere along the road he became sick, unable to go on. The heart was eager to beat further and cover the next meters, but the legs refused. Those tired, worn out legs did not know that they were condemning Kostek to death.

Kostek finally reached his old age. Almost 28 years. Horses rarely live to this age. He was lucky. For some reason. But here his happiness limit is exhausted. Life has passed. Nobody can buy it here, except for the slaughterhouse. Though I don’t know if old Kostek will get there completely. Because he is barely on his feet, because the life is barely smoldering inside him, because in a moment will go out. I stand in front of him, watch him humbly bow his head, and I’m ashamed. I’m ashamed to be human. Only a man can deliberately take all the years of his life and not let the animal go where he has given up his strength and dreams. Only man can kill hope before he kills Kostek himself. Only man can rob one of his dignity and fill his eyes to the edge with suffering. And guess what? Only a horse, like any other animal, can not hold a grudge. Because when I stare constantly at his big, dark eyes, I see a longing in them. And somewhere deep down, I feel that he has long forgiven. And waits for his owner to come back for him. The owner, who had long forgotten about Kostek, who devoted 28 years of his life to him, returns.

Its like that. Old age has no mercy. Man sometimes too ..

There is nothing Kostek can give You in return for saving his life. Everything he had, he had given away long time ago. I can only promise you that his big, dark eyes will see some more snowflakes this winter. And his tired, sore legs will be able to rest. I can promise you that if you visit us one day, you will meet old Kostek in a small paddock, by the main gate. And then, instead of giving up and suffering, you will see sparks of hope in them. Hope that we will not be alone when the time comes.