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“What if there is nothing left if nothing new will begin? If the Rainbow Bridge and those famous evergreen pastures are only in fairy tales and the only chance to be happy for a moment is here and now? Tadeusz Kotarbiński wrote that “death is not the saddest because everything ends with it, but because nothing begins after it …”

The Mighty Krakers looks sadly into the lens. He didn’t have time to do much in this life. He knows best his tight cell and the chain that jingled all over the neighborhood as he chased run away on warm summer evenings. There was a mane of wind, yes. But he was still deafened by the whistle of the whip as he pulled his hooves out of the mud with all his might to haul wooden logs through the woods. Because Cracker did every job. No, not by choice. Such animals do not decide for themselves or anything else. Krakers with coal-black eyes look at us as if to ask why his life looked miserable and ends so miserably. And we don’t know what to say. Because there is no answer. His gaze deeply touches somewhere inside and tears it apart. His powerful and at the same time slim figure drowns in the afternoon sun in April as he stands calmly with his head bowed. Reconciled with fate, he asks for nothing. Slowly taking his steps, he approaches the lens distrustfully. When it gets too close, the whistle of the whip kills the silence, and the Krakers raises his head and runs around us in panic for a moment. In the end, everything goes quiet, you can only hear a frightened horse, one of the thousands who have been slaughtered in a slaughterhouse.

Krakers’ chance for life disappeared when his owner sold a piece of the field on which Krakers was working for the farmer. The owner is moving to the city, slowly selling everything out, and for Krakers the only destiny came. He is a typical fat horse that works in the field. The only place that will accept him with open arms is the slaughterhouse. Nobody will complain there, death is divided equally there.
This is a moment in life where you have to bow your head and beg for help from others. Because your life is not up to you. And it doesn’t belong to you. Although Krakers did it more than once. In fact, he had been doing it all his life, the life of a country horse.

So today, Krakers bows his head to you and asks for a gift of life. You need PLN 13,000 to buy him and transport him to the Centaurus Center. We have until June 2, this is the deadline and we won’t get a day more. Please join. Because without you, Krakers will bow its head to the ground in vain …


Krakers is safe!
Thank you for Your support for Krakers. This powerful, worn-out horse has received a new life, during which he will no longer have to work or worry about the future. Krakers is waiting for the necessary visit of the blacksmith and veterinary tests. We need to have a clear picture of his condition so we can take care of him properly. Further support for Krakers will be allocated to veterinary care and upkeep. Once again, with all our hearts – thank You!